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Mathilde is young woman who lost her memories while learning her death in unknow way. Thanks to Elena, she came back to life in order to fulfill the task of curing Iris. A task that she must fulfill if she want to fully revive or else she’ll be sent to the Paradise. Despite her memory loss, she seem to be clever and talented with spears, although sometimes she can be sarcastic or too proud of herself.
She is Ice child.

Luna is spirit created by Elena to support Mathilde in her quest. She will mainly help Mathilde by asking and making the right suggestion. She’ll also let Mathilde borrow her power in battle…So yes, a full support being. Other than that, she’s a energetic and curious girl but she has a tendency to said everything she think…Absolutly everything…

Since she’s not from Iris, she has no element.

Edward Einshteim
Edward is a adventurer…Or at least he want to be an officialy one. Although he already traveled through the world a lot due to some circumstances with his family (especialy his big sister), he now want to be an Adventurer for his living along his girlfriend Alice. He’s a coldblooded and strong boy but he’s not very honest when it come to his feeling which make quite easy to tease. He’s Celia most skilled partner.

He is a Thunder child.

Celia Olivier
Just like Edward, Celia is a unofficial Adventurer and ended traveling through Iris with Edward due to some circumstance (but not for her familly). Although she was born in Felancia, she actually lived and was raised in Crystalis. Unlike Edward, Celia wish to stop her Adventurer activities to devote herself into general studies in order to work and spend more time with her big brother. She’s your typical happy go lucky girl but she’s very honest with herself and deeply care about her friends and familly safety.

She is a Wind Child.

Sharon Eleonore
Sharon is young woman who came from a rich familly and wish to be a teacher at the Felancia School. She claim to be Mathilde best friend and was really worried after her sudden disappearance and of course, relieved after finding she was still alive. After finding that Mathilde lost her memories, she decide to help her in every way possible. Despite her familly rank and the way she was raised, Sharon is a surprisingly hot blooded girl who often show the same pride as Mathilde but unlike her, she’s more easy to read.

She is a Fire Child.