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Battle System

The battle system is a classic turn based sideview which try a more dynamic approach than your usual SBS:
  • The camera is more active
  • Each characters have a different skills set along with different basic Attacks
  • Each skills and basic attack are Elements related

There is also a “Overdrive” skills section which, if your “OVD” number reach 100, let you perfom super skills that dealt heavy damage. Each characters can have more than one super skills.

Other than that, like I said earlier, elements are fully prominent and each of your character action are based on those. It’s the same for the monsters.

Elements Children
On Iris, each species obtain a special power from one of these elements at birht:
Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, Darkness and Light

Special Case
Ice children

Thunder children

These elements give them few advantage and disadvantage in battle and in exploration too. During the exploration, you’ll be able to use their power wich can give you access to special places or treasure.

You can use these power when a icon with the current element to use will show.

Other Interaction
There will be other interaction icon such as the analyze one and the breakable one.