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​The world of Psema is a vast and dangerous one. When an entity known as "Mother" reveals to you that Psema's worshipped gods might not be what they seem, you set out on a journey to discover the "Truth", with no real idea of what that entrails, set on a path of betrayal, murder and all too real cruelty. Beware, ignorance is a bliss.


  • A cyclopean, detailed world to explore.

  • 4 different classes to choose from with vastly different gameplays. Your class choice will also affect a multitude of npc interactions, access to various areas and the special, class girl routes in its visual novel departments.

  • Houses to buy, crafting techniques to master, relationships to build, enemies to make!

  • Music carefully selected based on a variety of factors to fit each situation and area of the game. Definitely keep your speakers on.

  • he world is not just Lovecraft-inspired. It ​is Mythos based.

  • Brutal battles, with dwindling resources!

  • Gameplay inspired from a combination of Witcher (1), Dark Souls, Eye: Divine Cybermancy, Planescape Torment, and World of Warcraft, with a tiny bit of Pokemon and Dating Sims thrown in.

  • Complex, deep character interactions. Debate, bribe, blackmail and flirt your way out of situations... All is possible, and someone always wants to stick a knife in you for the choices you have made!

  • A multitude of open-ended quests, with even more being added on every patch. Your decisions can have consequences even tens of hours after making them.

  • Dark, forboding atmsosphere...

  • ...And cute girls to romance!

To get direct information about tha various updates of Broken Reality, join my facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/HasturtheCreator/

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Is this game still being updated?

Oh yes, I'm working on the new update every day, it's just that it's HUGE.