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​The world of Psema is a vast and dangerous one. When an entity known as "Mother" reveals to you that Psema's worshipped gods might not be what they seem, you set out on a journey to discover the "Truth", with no real idea of what that entrails, set on a path of betrayal, murder and all too real cruelty. Beware, ignorance is a bliss.


  • A cyclopean, detailed world to explore.

  • 4 different classes to choose from with vastly different gameplays. Your class choice will also affect a multitude of npc interactions, access to various areas and the special, class girl routes in its visual novel departments.

  • Houses to buy, crafting techniques to master, relationships to build, enemies to make!

  • Music carefully selected based on a variety of factors to fit each situation and area of the game. Definitely keep your speakers on.

  • he world is not just Lovecraft-inspired. It ​is Mythos based.

  • Brutal battles, with dwindling resources!

  • Gameplay inspired from a combination of Witcher (1), Dark Souls, Eye: Divine Cybermancy, Planescape Torment, and World of Warcraft, with a tiny bit of Pokemon and Dating Sims thrown in.

  • Complex, deep character interactions. Debate, bribe, blackmail and flirt your way out of situations... All is possible, and someone always wants to stick a knife in you for the choices you have made!

  • A multitude of open-ended quests, with even more being added on every patch. Your decisions can have consequences even tens of hours after making them.

  • Dark, forboding atmsosphere...

  • ...And cute girls to romance!

To get direct information about tha various updates of Broken Reality, join my facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/HasturtheCreator/

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  • Lord_Rutsah
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  • 03/07/2018 04:48 PM
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  • 03/07/2018
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An epic conversation with a demon general on floor 8 was ruined by the 3FPS i was experiencing during the scene. If i'd have to take a guess it would be the burning pillars as the game returns to good fps when i get off the podium where the demon general is.

Also in thousand snakes castle Mat and some other chick are talking to a dude when they notice you, the party steps forward to talk to them, you then get locked out of your controls cant move or anything and have to reload a save to get back to adventuring.
Hey Rutsah! I wanna start by saying great game you have here I'm up to floor 7 atm and I'm having a lot of fun. I hope you can polish this game to a level where you can sell it on steam. (or maybe put it up on early access).

I have noticed a few bugs here and there but the ones that i felt i need to notify you about is that you can bring more than 2 perks (which i assume you intended for the max being 2) from the fortune teller, i myself am running like 5 of them. The other bug I noticed is the weather changing when you walk in the middle of the floor 7 town its quite jarring/annoying because you have to pass through there a lot from the gargoyle to the inn.

A little suggestion in the story is maybe create a narrative at the beginning to compel the player to interact with the teleport stones and climb the 'floors'to reach the end of the game. Does not have to be along the lines of Mother telling you "Hey you try get to progress the story by touching the portal stones".

-The game will actually be uploaded to Steam in 3 patches. The one I am making now ("Into the Jungle"), the next one which will be a mini-patch (I call it "the Hogwarts Update"), and the last one before the Steam release (the "Theodoxa" patch). The game will remain free, but there will be a large DLC at around 8 euros with tons of extra content.

-You are actually meant to take as many as you'd like. They all have downsides to them anyway, and it allows players to be creative with what they wish to gain and give up. -I have already fixed the weather for the next patch, same for the lag you mentioned in your next comment. In general the next patch will run much smoother than the current version. The bug you mentioned in Floor 10 has also been fixed.

-The game is currently in the version 13.8. The Theodoxa patch (2 patches from now) will be version 14.0. In version 15.0 the whole concept of Floors will be removed completely, and the world will become united, with much bigger freedom in which direction you wish to follow and with what order you want to visit the areas. The current portals will be changed to fast travel points, which you must discover to activate (they will be separate from the bosses). The game will be pretty much open-world.
I wanted to ask if there is anything else we can do to the drow queen (of dark elves) other than fighting her . like talking or alternative path.

also does the letter i find in the graveyard of kronos town have anything to do with hyou the necromancer ?
And how can i beat onyeka without killing her
And how can i beat onyeka without killing her
Sorry for the delayed answer.

In the current version you are playing, no, you can only kill the drow queen. In the new version I am currently making (I have already made her content) you can not only fake her death, meeting her later and earning rewards for that, but you can also marry her and reach a game ending with that (she is much more developed as a character, there is even an h-event with her, and quests to do with the dark elves). It will require the player to have negative karma though.

Yes, the letters were written by Hyou. If you find and read all 3 letters of Hyou before meeting him, you are allowed to spare him instead, meeting him again much later in the game, when he will have opened up a shop and will help you with another quest.

If you are a berserker, you get the choice to fight her one on one, and after defeating her in combat, you get the choice to either kill her, or spare her.
Hi I was wondering when the next update was estimated to come out. I keep coming back everday to check up on this wonderful game lol. Best of wishes.
Hi I was wondering when the next update was estimated to come out. I keep coming back everday to check up on this wonderful game lol. Best of wishes.

When the stars align and great Cthulhu awakens from his eternal sleep... Honestly I'm struggling with how much work there is to do. There is new stuff all over. I'm hoping it will be done by the end of February.
Alright I'll be looking forward to it. Keep up the excellent work!
There seems to be a bug in the second Nao mission where I can't go through the window even after using the oil and stealing the treasure. Also I can't seem to find the exit out of this mission or where to go after receiving Nao's note.

where can i get into the 4th floor? , never mind i found the way
and where are the lockpicks sold/found?

So, im currently in floor 6, after defeating kalika's quest boss, when i interact with the body nothing happens. After that i missed the injured wolf event, when i try to with him and after the dialogue the screen goes dark. A day after i tried going back to my house in ToB and talk with a fixer and re-do the quest, but after talking with kaliska, the screen goes the same, although in both situations i can still move, but it 'll take hours to move "blindfold".
Is there been any update on the game so far? I'm itching to play again after leaving it years ago since there was a game-breaking bug.
Guys, for updates on the game development, please check either Itch.Io (https://lord-rutsah.itch.io/broken-reality) or the facebook page. The devlog system itch.io uses is great. I have hired an artist to do the basic party members and the class girls, and he is doing a brilliant job. Check the devlogs to see the details.
Great game so far! Had a few bugs though. Most serious so far: Kalinka quest on floor 6 does not terminate. That is, after finishing it, I simply can't walk off the end of the screen and go back to the town. I can use a teleport crystal but then I'm stuck with the wrong party until I go to a fixer, and then I don't think I can redo the quest at that point. I also had the same problems as Hemtaro above when trying the killing the boss route.

Also, random crashes throughout and I have no idea why; mitigated by the autosaves but still a bit of an issue. Maybe also related to the fact the game sometimes slows down if played for a while, which seems like it could be a memory leak.

Other than that, mainly just buggy tiles and NPCs that still have their sprites after they are meant to have left.
Im an assassin. After levelling up to 5, i learned 'Burning Arrow' but when i search up my Arts there's none. This is a bug?
Can someone help me at floor nine I can't seem to find the tomb of the queen mummy?