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Enjoy the newest version of Broken Reality, introducing:

Major Updates:
-The previously locked Japanese-style inn in Floor 7 has been replaced with a medieval-style pub, much more fitting to the floor's aesthetics (its whole map has changed and been made bigger). Inside the inn you have 2 new quests to do, +1 more sub-quest for players trying to get to the arena observatory (another goblin merchant with his quest added).
-Outside said inn: The brand new Nao (assassin class girl) mission! Infiltrate the mansion of Bergheim's landlord and steal the Jade Dragon Jewel!... In yet another trip of downwards spiral and an ever-present sense of depression!

Minor Updates:
-Floor 11's north Taft has been graphically updated. The graphics used have been changed, so now the whole area is smooth and stylish.
-Floor 11's whole Taft now uses a different lighting system. The whole place will now have less lag and look more impressive.
-Changed Bodolf's dialogue in Floor 11.
-New NPCs inside the magia shop in Imperia (Floor 8), for more world-building.
-The abandoned city with scorpions in Floor 5 now features an explorable building, with a new insanity event.
-Speaking with the Yuki Onna in Floor 4 will now also show a bust of her, visual-novel style.
-Insanity will now also cause black goats to appear in the world, observing the player. Similar to the additional crows flying above your head.
-Lowered prices for many food types.
-New cooking recipes.
-Changed loot for snake enemies. Now also include snake meat.
-New armor recipe, fitting the desert setting of Asari. Obviously you can purchase it from there (Desert Roamer/Explorer/Star)
-Assassins can now purchase a crafting recipe for lockpicks.
-New available, exclusive armor for Nao.
-Snake overworld graphics on Floor 10 have been made smaller.
-Snake battle graphics for Floor 10 changed completely. Nagas, kurohebis and shirohebis now use new, fancy 2D art instead of the previous, ugly-looking 3D. In the future, I am planning to limit 3D model battlers more, leaving them only for the lovecraftian enemies, so that they come in stark contrast with the "normal" enemies.
-Minotaur berserker in Floor 2 got a graphics update.
-Blood blessing nerfed, I don't know what I was thinking.
-Higher leveling requirements for all classes.

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