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Antadin DX out now!


Antadin DX, the more polished version of this little bug-rpg is out now! You can download it here over at the download-page, or for free on Steam.

It has a new area, lots and lots of polish, new graphics, a new follower-ish and other fun stuff.


Antadin DX soon to come...

I've made a more polished version of Antadin, with a few of the changes that I didn't have time to implement in the original jam-version. It has a new area too and other cool stuff.

It's going to be released for free the 1st of september on Steam.

Check it out if you liked the original game: Antadin DX


Update - bug fixes

I've fixed some of the bugs that managed to sneak into the game. Besides all the beetles, ants and other insects that are feature-bugs, not bug-bugs.

They're supposed to be there.

Progress Report

Download coming soon

I'm doing the last polish to the game at the moment. Aiming for the download to be up later today or tomorrow.

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