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Progress Report

Next Update

Heya guys, so far I have only a couple fixable bugs reported. And one I remembered after the upload, heh. They'll be fixed in the next update, along with more content, goal is to get one of Legrange's districts or another dungeon done. Release date is slated for sometime in late April unless there is a gamebreaking bug that needs fixing, etc.

Thank you all for taking the time to play my game.

Bugs noted and fixed-
Bandits Lack Scalps, someone has already scalped all the bandits!
Certain Status Effects don't persist after battle.
A girl was found to dispense food without a license, she has been arrested.
Slight graphical issue, grammar error, and slight passability issue- Thanks Ozzy.

Bugs noted that cannot be fixed yet-
Doodads, non-linear placed graphics, do not show up in battle maps. No eta on when this functionality will be added to the battle plugin.

Working on/Finished:
Above bugs checked.
Added an intro event to the sewers to give the player a hint at what to do. Particularly in sewer battles.
Added manual in Kloe's room that lets you rename vehicles, turn on/off vehicle driver naming, and updates changed items/variables/switches for safe file compatibility.
Save file compatibility between patches.
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