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A Shoutout from the UnproPro.

A showcase of the Beta from last year. (Many changes since this version)


Enter the life of Oswyn Farindon as he sets out to investigate a deep conspiracy surrounding the assassination of his father. All the while, his homeland is falling into political turmoil, and he must find his way out of compromising dilemmas that will shape the future of an entire civilization.


  • Standard Turn Battle


Turn Order Mechanic from Super Mario RPG & FFX Turn Order Bar
Battlers will act immediately after their command is chosen, allowing for a more strategic approach to combat. There is also a visible Turn Order Bar.

  • Skill Leveling

Inspiration: Grandia

Each of the Actor's unique skills will have their own proficiency level that can be increased when used. After raising the proficiency to a specific level, a new and more powerful version of that skill will be gained.

  • Combo Skills

Inspiration: Suikoden

Unleash cooperative attacks from two or more members of your party at the same time.

  • Godstones System

Inspiration: Espers from FFVI

Equip magical stones to gain spell casting abilities and other passive abilities. These can be learned based on points acquired while specific Godstones are equipped.

  • On-Map Enemies

Inspiration: On-map enemies from Earthbound

Encounter enemies through direct contact while moving in hostile areas. Specific effects will be triggered based on the direction the enemy is engaged from.

  • Poach and Trade

Inspiration: Trade Shops from Suikoden II & Poaching from FFT

Monsters do not drop gold. Instead, unique items are dropped that you can either sell back to shops, or trade with NPCs. Items gained from poaching will have different values based on location and/or the NPC you're trading with.

  • Task Log

Inspiration: Quest Log from The Elder Scrolls games

Separate your Main Quests from your Side Quests for easy tracking.

  • Party Chat

Inspiration: Camping from Breath of Fire III & Tales of Vesperia

Dive into character backgrounds with optional dialogue that's accessible from the World Map. Doing this will yield various rewards such as skills, items, and other tasks.

Developer's Note

Asylum is a game that aims to trigger the nostalgia of classic JRPG enthusiasts like myself. It has always been a goal of mine to create a game with all of my favorite elements of various RPGs that I've played growing up. It's heavily influenced by many games including (but not limited to) Super Mario RPG, Breath of Fire, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, Suikoden, and Grandia.

If you enjoyed playing any of these games or have wanted to try them out, then I think you'll enjoy Asylum. Granted, this game isn't for everybody. Pixel Art can be a turn-off for some, and the game admittedly starts out with a few tropes that will later develop into deep plots. I should also mention that I didn't set out to create some 40+ hour epic RPG. There isn't 100+ different combinations of classes, or 1000+ skills, or 100+ party members, or 100+ (insert feature bloat here). However, all things considered... I've put a lot of time, effort, and money into creating a game that I believe is unique in the realm of RPG Maker games. I think that's something players can appreciate. Hope you enjoy it!

Latest Blog

A New Update! (v.0.9.0)

How's it going everyone!

These past few weeks, I've been taking time off work to recover from surgery. Personally, I hate "not" working. I was supposed to take six weeks off, but I ended up working a couple of shifts just a week later. Needless to say, that was dumb. So here I am actually taking the time to rest and recover properly. The question is... What do I do with all this free time? Easy answer, right? Work on my game.

So I've made quite a few changes, and boy did it take long to do. Here is a quick changelog of the more notable changes.

  • Fixed Bug with skipping puzzles.

  • Fixed Bug with a few skills not leveling up.

  • Fixed Bug with Shooting Gallery Mini-game target calculations.

  • Fixed Bug with Battle Animations Speed option.

  • Countless optimizations made for events.

  • Small adjustments made for better battle balancing.

  • Mapping and Battle background perspective fixes.

  • Increased Save File slots.

  • Streamlined Citizen Shops so that the shop menu defaults and locks to "sell only".

  • Combos are now provided immediately and no longer require accessing dialogue in the Camp scenes.

  • Spells now have proficiency levels, though do not evolve into more powerful spells like unique skills do. They'll only do more damage.

  • Terms changed to help give the game its own identity and suit the world lore.

  • Help window added to select menus to let the player know that more information can be seen using the arrow keys.

  • Weapon and Armor attachment system has been removed to avoid feature bloat. The same enhancements are now in the form of basic accessories.

  • Text-based tutorials have been drastically minimized. They have been replaced with events integrated into the story that "guide" the player into properly taking advantage of the game's systems. In others words, I've taken on more of a "show, don't tell" approach.

  • Streamlined the notification process for Tasks so that there are less popup notifications.

  • Demo has been extended for all players. I've added more enemies, puzzles, and a cutscene that introduces a new character and an important part of the overall plot.

Hopefully this creates a more enjoyable experience for anyone willing to check this game out.
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  • 03/13/2018 12:15 AM
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This is an absolutely awesome looking game!! ^__^ Would love to try out the demo myself!! :D
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