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Developer's Note

Asylum is a game that aims to trigger the nostalgia of classic JRPG enthusiasts like myself. It has always been a goal of mine to create a game with all of my favorite elements of various RPGs that I've played growing up. It's heavily influenced by many games including (but not limited to) Super Mario RPG, Breath of Fire, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, Suikoden, and Grandia.

If you enjoyed playing any of these games or have wanted to try them out, then I think you'll enjoy Asylum. Granted, this game isn't for everybody. Pixel Art can be a turn-off for some, and the game admittedly starts out with a few tropes that I believe will later develop into deep plots.

I should also mention that I didn't set out to create some 40+ hour epic RPG. There isn't 100+ different combinations of classes, or 1000+ skills, or 100+ party members, or 100+ side quests, or 100+ (insert feature bloat here). The goal is to create an enjoyable experience and only include what's necessary to help add to the world and its characters. With that said, I've put a lot of time, effort, and money into creating a game that I believe is unique in the realm of RPG Maker. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Trailer (outdated)

A Shoutout from the UnproPro.


Enter the life of Oswyn Farindon as he sets out to investigate a deep conspiracy surrounding the assassination of his father. All the while, his homeland is falling into political turmoil, and he must find his way out of compromising dilemmas that will shape the future of an entire civilization.


  • Standard Turn Battle


Turn Order Mechanic from Super Mario RPG & FFX Turn Order Bar
Battlers will act immediately after their command is chosen, allowing for a more strategic approach to combat. There is also a visible Turn Order Bar.

  • Skill Leveling

Inspiration: Grandia

Each of the Actor's unique skills will have their own proficiency level that can be increased when used. After raising the proficiency to a specific level, a new and more powerful version of that skill will be gained.

  • Combo Skills

Inspiration: Suikoden

Unleash cooperative attacks from two or more members of your party at the same time.

  • Godstones System

Inspiration: Espers from FFVI

Equip magical stones to gain spell casting abilities and other passive abilities. These can be learned based on points acquired while specific Godstones are equipped.

  • On-Map Enemies

Inspiration: On-map enemies from Earthbound

Encounter enemies through direct contact while moving in hostile areas. Specific effects will be triggered based on the direction the enemy is engaged from.

  • Poach and Trade

Inspiration: Trade Shops from Suikoden II & Poaching from FFT

Monsters do not drop gold. Instead, unique items are dropped that you can either sell back to shops, or trade with NPCs. Items gained from poaching will have different values based on location and/or the NPC you're trading with.

  • Task Log

Inspiration: Quest Log from The Elder Scrolls games

Separate your Main Quests from your Side Quests for easy tracking.

  • Party Chat

Inspiration: Camping from Breath of Fire III & Tales of Vesperia

Dive into character backgrounds with optional dialogue that's accessible from the World Map. Doing this will yield various rewards such as skills, items, and other tasks.

Latest Blog

Update! (v.1.0.0)

What's going on everyone! Today I'm INCREDIBLY excited to upload what I believe will be the last major update to the demo. Bugfixes are inevitable, but I can't see myself adding any new content to future Demo releases. I can finally move on from this and shift my focus to finishing the game.

This demo now features something I've been wanting to make since before I even got into game development; a Card-based battle system. (shown in the screenshots)

Initially, I was waiting for a Triple Triad mini-game plugin to be developed for RPG Maker. Then I realized that using this would make my game a lot less original since pretty much everyone would want to put it in their game. (can't blame them either)

So... I decided to go through the painstaking effort of making my own! I almost gave up on it half way through. But after working around the limits of the engine, I finally have something that's fully functional.

In addition to this huge update, I've also made several other bugfixes and some optimizations to give the game that extra bit of polish. If you haven't played the demo yet, now's the time to try it out!

Thanks for all your support!

  • Fixed tileset/passability bugs.

  • Fixed battle animation positioning bug.

  • Streamlined a few cutscenes by removing excess dialogue.

  • Added a new character: Percival. The in-game creator of the card game.

  • Removed "Always Dash" from the options menu. Player now moves at the speed of dashing be default, but can move slower using the shift key.

  • Added labels to the tutorial keys when shown.

  • Added the "Art of War" Card Battle system.

  • Added new "Token" currency that handles purchases pertaining to Cards.

  • Added new Card shop.

  • Added one-time healing to Save Points.

  • Added NPC possessions for "Tokens".

  • Added new "E" key functionality to challenge NPCs to card games.

  • Countless other changes not worth mentioning.
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  • 03/13/2018 12:15 AM
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This is an absolutely awesome looking game!! ^__^ Would love to try out the demo myself!! :D
This looks like a really solid game, Ill be keeping an eye on this. (+1SUB)
I've seen a few Let's Plays of this game, and I think it looks great! Do you have an ETA on when you think the game will be completed?
Thanks for the support everyone!

I've seen a few Let's Plays of this game, and I think it looks great! Do you have an ETA on when you think the game will be completed?

I'm targeting a summer release, but I can't say for sure. Who knows what roadblocks will come up as I continue developing this. XD

What I can say is that I'm literally working on this every day. So there's definitely a steady pace of progress.

I played your demo a couple of months ago and forgot to upload!
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