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A raid on the region of Olund comes to a halt when Ziedrick, Captain of the Caledrian army, finds out that he was manipulated by Emperor Rofel to lead the attack. His decision to spare the lives of the Olund rebels sets a plan in motion that ushers in an age of peace. Five years later, Ziedrick would pass away, leaving his son Oswyn to carry on his legacy.

In an attempt to live up to his father's image, Oswyn quickly rose among the ranks of the Caledrian Army. But with the war coming to a close, he begins to feel a lack of purpose and questions whether or not he should carve his own path to find himself.


  • Dual Arts

Unleash cooperative attacks with multiple party members.
  • Godstones System

Equip magical stones to gain spell casting abilities. These can be learned based on points acquired while specific Godstones are equipped.
  • On-Map Enemies

Encounter enemies through direct contact while moving in hostile areas. Specific effects will be triggered based on the direction the enemy is facing when approached.
  • Trade with NPCs

Monsters do not drop gold. Instead, items are dropped that you can either sell back to shops, or trade with NPCs for useful items. Seek out NPCs to trade with and gain items that can help you on your journey.
  • Task Log

View your Main Quests and Side Quests at any time.

Latest Blog

It's been a while...

So! I thought I should explain my absence for anyone who's interested in the game.

When I started this project, I didn't know what I was getting into. I didn't know how much there was to learn about game design, or how to overcome MV's annoying little obstacles. The result was a messy project full of nasty code, long-winded eventing processes, and fragments of systems I failed to create. It made for a horrible work flow, and it ultimately had an effect on the product.

So I basically rebuilt my project from ground up. Of course, I reused some parts of the database and the graphics. But this time, I managed to recreate certain systems in a more efficient manner, while also commissioning a few plugins to complete my vision for a JRPG.

I've also delved into the many aspects of story structure and changed quite few parts of my plot in order to give it a better flow.

Long story short, the game is MUCH better than it was, and it has been well received by quite a few testers (all of whom were chosen randomly). A change log would be overkill, but here are some of the more notable changes to the game:

- Several UI/scene changes, including Battles, Main Menus, and a more Streamlined Victory Aftermath.
- AoE battle mechanics have been added. Attack enemies in a column, a row, or a radius.
- Mechanical changes to Combo Skills, now named Dual Arts. They are now learned automatically after the first battle is fought between the two party members that can learn a Dual Art skill.
- Puzzle Lore changed. I didn't like the idea of random crates sitting in a dungeon with pressure plates and switches. I've now managed to have puzzles be an integral part of the story and world lore, which explains their existence and why they function the way they do.
- Battle System changes. Turn manipulation is much better, which has allowed me to create more balanced battles.
- Base EXP mechanic. If a party member is much weaker than an enemy, the EXP they gain is increased. On the other hand, if the party member is much stronger than the enemy, then the EXP gained is drastically reduced.
- Mini-game changes. I've gotten rid of the previous card battle system in favor of something much simpler.
- Enemy Respawns changed. Enemies will respawn based on the number of map transfers.

I'm still having my Alpha demo tested to ensure that it's ready for a public release. So stay tuned!
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  • 03/13/2018 12:15 AM
  • 02/15/2019 02:26 AM
  • 07/01/2018
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This is an absolutely awesome looking game!! ^__^ Would love to try out the demo myself!! :D
This looks like a really solid game, Ill be keeping an eye on this. (+1SUB)
I've seen a few Let's Plays of this game, and I think it looks great! Do you have an ETA on when you think the game will be completed?
Thanks for the support everyone!

I've seen a few Let's Plays of this game, and I think it looks great! Do you have an ETA on when you think the game will be completed?

I'm targeting a summer release, but I can't say for sure. Who knows what roadblocks will come up as I continue developing this. XD

What I can say is that I'm literally working on this every day. So there's definitely a steady pace of progress.

I played your demo a couple of months ago and forgot to upload!
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