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The rogues Light, Trad, and Vigor were having brunch with the princesses of the three lands, Forest, Ocean, and Lava. Out of nowhere, the rogues' evil doppelgangers appeared and kidnapped the princesses! Now they must traverse the worlds to save the princesses and defeat their dark counterparts.


Light, Trad, and Vigor are all playable and have different ways of playing the game, so pick whoever suits you! They can also be switched whenever you enter a shop, which contain randomized items that can be bought by selling loot found in treasure chests or killing enemies. Speaking of enemies, they can only be killed with a backstab. Watch out though, they can be pretty tricky and mischevious! Sometimes, attacking may not even be the best option. If you die, you'll be taken to the beginning of the world you were on and lose all progress made since then, so be careful!


I created all of the music in this game, as well as the game itself. If you would like to support me in my game developing endeavors, you can buy the $1 soundtrack that also allows you to pay more if you wish. Thank you so much if you do this :)


The Mac version of this game has not been tested, so if any of you run into problems while using please let me know and I can attempt to fix them. Worst case I'll decommission it but it should be okay.
Thanks to my roommates and my friend Shelby for testing the game and my buddy Skilar for letting me use the art he made for my other game in this one.

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  • 03/17/2018 07:36 AM
  • 04/30/2018 12:39 AM
  • 03/17/2018
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For thousands of years, I laid dormant. Who has disturbed my slumber?
The premise of the gameplay was a pretty interesting idea, but the beginning is already way too difficult when there's no HP recovery between levels and you have to restart the entire world.

Also, the collision detection is a little buggy:
-after a collision with an enemy, possibly when one happens quickly after another, their movement route sometimes gets thrown out of whack
-sometimes it doesn't correctly detect a back collision. One example maybe is if the enemy walks a set square path, and I follow behind him on the same path, and collide at a corner spot
This game was certainly a learning experience on how I want to make enemies on the map work for a future game. RMMV has some broken movement elements to it and the only fix available would, unfortunately, keep the enemies moving after you interact with them. I didn't want to just scrap the whole project though, so I tried to work around the limitations as much as possible and it was a PAIN. Direction fixes on and off and back on again every time they change direction works for the majority of the enemies but the ones that move in a square are a bit more tricky to catch since there are only a few frames when they truly aren't in the process of turning.
The movement route getting messed up is actually why I couldn't put intricate bosses in the game. When you interact with an enemy it resets their move route in some scenarios, so that's why the enemies can change their routes sometimes.

I haven't found a way to fix these issues, but that's not to say that nobody can. I'm more of a developer than a programmer, so someone with more JS experience than me could probably get it working, or maybe someone could fix the movement route issues. All the help I've received so far is that plugin that, while it worked, made it so that enemies continued moving shortly before entering the battle processing, which just looks awful and still breaks some things. That also didn't fix the lack of ability to force enemies to not look at you when you interact with them, which is the default for RMMV and why I had to work around it to make most of the enemies work.

So yeah. There's the long-winded explanation of that. I was originally contemplating charging like fifty cents to a dollar for this but without bosses and a lot of workarounds, I couldn't justify it.
Thanks for playing the game though. It definitely can be pretty hard but I set out to make a game that was like that since I wanted to make it pretty short. Hopefully, you can forgive its shortcomings and press on :) but I won't judge either way! This was definitely more of an experiment, that's for sure. I now know what not to do with future games in terms of utilizing MV's movement route commands.
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