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New Eden is a futuristic sci-fi tale set in the 24th century. Planet Earth is dying and a ship - New Eden - is built to save humanity. 6000 people are sent on a 200-year-long journey through space to colonize Eden 1, a planet with conditions similar to those of planet Earth. Build your life on the ship and have a role in the future of humanity!


Year 2367 - planet Earth is dying. A relatively unknown, rich company named Hex Oldun builds a ship to colonize Eden 1. 6000 people were chosen to board the ship and colonize the planet - 3000 female and 3000 male. Each of them is given an apartment and expected to fall in love and propagate, so their children's children can colonize Eden 1. Join the journey and unravel the story behind the ship, the journey and the old planet Earth. Discover dozens of stories and live on the ship!


The game features a character creation system, the ability to decorate your apartment, adopt a pet and explore a massive spaceship. Go clubbing, eat outside, visit the cinema, explore dungeons and much more...


New Eden has been in development since early 2017, by Golden Fox Software - a one man indie video game studio. It's target release date is March/April 2019!


-RPG Maker VX Ace
-Different smaller tools and gadgets...


Website (Golden Fox Software): http://goldenfoxsoftware.webs.com
Website (New Eden): http://newedengame.webs.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoldenFoxSoftware/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJTI_Y1z1iNqPfAmm39Ge7Q

New Eden Teaser Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIJP8KA5nvQ
New Eden "Join the Journey" Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DnJQOd4MGw

Latest Blog


Though I usually post any and all updates on other social platforms, recently, Golden Fox Software bought a custom domain and opened a new website at goldenfoxsoftware.eu. So feel free to check it out, as many things considering New Eden can be found there (and everything else)!


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The screens look awesome. I'll definetely play it when it's done and I hope it won't lag because of the light script. Yes, my pc is a potatoe... Anyway, I like the idea but I can't understand how they don't prefer an 200 years lasting cold sleep instead of dying during their journey.
@Tw0Face I feel you there! I also handled a potato for a while, so I can understand the pain. Well, the potential good news are that the lights aren't a script, but events with added blending. When it comes to why they aren't sleeping - well, to be honest, it was a thought, but I think we've seen it too many times already in the movies and so on, that I decided to go for something a bit different! Also, the point of the game was from the beginning to live out your life on the ship, so this was the most obvious way to deliver that! Thank you for the support, keep following New Eden! :)
Looks cool. Hope its fun when it comes out. Will it be free?
It's not marked as commercial (there'd be a blue title on the side under the images if it was).
It's not marked as commercial (there'd be a blue title on the side under the images if it was).

Cool, thanks. Hope it comes out soon because it looks fun!
@hotlavaninja1 Don't worry, it is completely free from the beginning to the end! :) I hope it will be fun, too, of course and for now, I can even say it really is, as I took inspiration from many great sources! I think that it may come out some time later this year, like October, but that's just me hoping, as it may even come out in December, or in 2019. But hey, better to have a complete game than a rushed one, like the AAA titles we get today! Thank you all for your support, it means a great deal to me! And @Liberty, this time you were faster than me, next time you won't be! ;)
Damn, I'm liking what you're describing. I'm always down for games with as much customisation as I'm seeing here. Looking forward to seeing where it goes!
@cLeigh33 Thank you! Yes, there is customization, but I don't want anyone to get their hopes up too much, because it's not exactly Saints Row! :) You can choose the gender, skin color, eye color, hair color and style and a beard with males or make-up with females and of course the name. It is, still, a better customization than most RM games have. A LOT of work went into it! You do, of course, have the freedom to explore the ship at your own leisure and decorate your apartment, but there are many other things to catch your attention! Thank you, again, for the support!
There is a problem with your game.

It is missing a download link.
@StormCrow Thank you for commenting, but that would only be a problem if the game was released, however, New Eden won't be released until later in 2018! Keep following the game and thank you, again!
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