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Unfortunately, not all news can be positive and the day has come to share some sad news about New Eden. Fret not, though, as it is just a small setback that recently happened.

Basically, after the newest Windows update, the system file of New Eden got corrupted and RPG Maker couldn't load it. Luckily, though, as I backed the entire game up often on 3 different drives, I had everything saved there - with more than a month of lost progress.

So, unfortunately, New Eden must be delayed for a month or two, but once it finally comes out, you'll get a very finished and polished product.

Thank you for your understanding and support!

Progress Report


September of 2019 is already here and after 2 and a half years of development, New Eden is almost here!

With a release window being predicted around December of 2019, the lengthy development is definitely coming to an end. It feels strange - after spending almost 3 years with this game, it became a huge part of my life and even with is being 95% finished, it never feels like it truly is to me.

Beta testers will receive their copy of the game in November and during that phase, it will be polished completely and finally released.

The time is coming!



Though I usually post any and all updates on other social platforms, recently, Golden Fox Software bought a custom domain and opened a new website at goldenfoxsoftware.eu. So feel free to check it out, as many things considering New Eden can be found there (and everything else)!

Progress Report


New Eden has recently approached the 2-year mark of development. While this game is almost finished, it will never be truly finished for me. The game has become a huge thing from a passion project that it begun development as. A new trailer is in the making for the game and will be released soon, and as always, stay tuned and follow us on Facebook, as that's where all of our updates are posted! Thank you!

Progress Report


First of all, happy New Year 2019 to everybody! I wish you all have a nice year, filled with happy moments and everything else (that is good)! With that out of the way, we have officially approached the year or New Eden's release! There is still a lot to be done on the game, but it is definitely an almost finished game! Now to put in more polish, love and content and the game will be ready for release.

Progress Report


In the last month (since the last progress report), New Eden has progressed incredibly much and is very playable! The music is slowly being incorporated into the game, the day/night shift is fully functional, there are optional dungeons, secret rooms and so on...

The biggest news? Trailer number 2 is coming, very very soon! Be ready!

Progress Report


A small, but important upgrade was give to New Eden! New parallax backgrounds of stars and space were added which actually slowly move, giving a much better feeling of being on a moving ship! Ever improving and growing, the ship is truly a thing of beauty and there's a lot to see and find on it!

New Eden should truly see the release before the end of 2018!

Thank you for all of your support!

Progress Report


After a year and approximately 4 months in development, New Eden (as a ship, an open-world map, a hub, call it what you will...) is nearly finished! Sure, it may have seemed like it was already done, but constant upgrading, adding new areas or designing them from scratch completely took it's toll on the development time. However, I don't mind this one bit, as I feel like the ship is definitely finished now (with a few more tweaks to come)!

The story segment of the game is what I'm focusing on now! It has been written on paper for more than a year now, but not implemented into the game yet. I do, however, have all the resources that I need for it, so it's a matter of creating some maps, cutscenes and a lot of mission objectives!

New Eden is approaching Earth safe and sound, be ready!

Progress Report


In the last two days, almost the entirety of the ship has been heavily redecorated! Mostly the areas that were made early in the development of the game and as such, lacked the substance and style developed slowly through the deeper development of the game. There are no more empty areas, as everything is much more alive and brooding now and the atmosphere has been lifted up to 110%! Also, I am very honored by the fact that New Eden has been #1 on the Buzzing games! Thank you so much for following the project and having interest in it!

Progress Report


New Eden has been in development for almost a year and a half and I'm proud to say that it's shaping up to be an amazing experience, like I imagined it! Some new features I can reveal for the game are exploring the ship at daytime or nighttime, as it simulates both, so it's conditions are similar to those of planet Earth. You can, in fact, find a partner and even move in with them, if the relationship gets serious enough, however, the game won't force you to do so! I'm very happy that the game is shaping up to be very nice and I hope all of you will consider it to be a great game, as I do!

P.S. Thank you all for putting New Eden on second place in the Buzzing Games!
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