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You hear a piano in the middle of the night, but you can't find the source. Is this a dream? Or...

Above all else, remember...
You know what you did.
You're awful.

An insecure musician meets a girl with a strange name. His life is never the same.

Featuring a soundtrack of Classical piano music from Beethoven, Chopin, Satie, and Debussy.

I really hope you enjoy my first attempt at an RPG Maker Game!

There are 3 endings to this game, but they're easy to get, so you should be able to and are encouraged to see them all!

Latest Blog

The Piano Player v. 1.01.!

In addition to a snazzy new trailer (I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!). I’ve made a few alterations to the game. I spent some time experimenting with the engine and went back to apply some of it to this project. (More of a patch than a full update, really.)

I pretty much just made the story make a bit more sense and added some context here and there. I also added a copyright thing that I stupidly forgot to the credits.

Unless people point out enough bugs/grammar mistakes/etc. (or a major game-breaking bug, obviously), this is probably going to be the last time I touch this project. I’m brainstorming what I should do next, and hopefully, I can come up with something that feels good enough to start another project.

The Piano Player took a little over a year to complete (The project file was officially created on July 17th, 2017). Most of it was spent learning the engine, planning, and condensing down the overambitious story I had written.

As a final send-off to this story, I want to thank anyone who decides to check out the game! Big thanks to everyone who critiqued it, and I hope that I can improve with my next project and come up with another idea that I love as much as this one.

I’ll shamelessly plug my YouTube Channel now:
I don’t see myself posting too much about games I make until I finish them, and it’s pretty much just let’s plays, but without this channel, I wouldn’t have ever developed the drive to finish this project. It’s one of the few things in life I genuinely love doing, and I hope to one day have it be a source of income, just so I have an excuse to focus on it (and game design) more.

Spoilers Below, if You’ve already played the previous version, but want to know what’s new:
-Warren talks about the sepia-screen flashbacks, reflecting on what happens. This makes it clearer that he slowly remembers what’s happened.
-A brief definition of what a Caesura (in music) is in case you didn’t know.
-A little sprinkle of Warren’s daily routine in classroom. Interact with the Piano he sits at in the Piano Classroom!
-Made the True Ending (Ending A) Credits go slower than Endings B and C (so you can savor the Beautiful Music!)
-Endings (aside from what I said above) are completely unchanged.
-Fixed some grammar and altered a few lines of dialogue to make more sense.


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For thousands of years, I laid dormant. Who has disturbed my slumber?
I liked your game. The story was kinda heartfelt, and had a good message in the end. Gameplay was a little unfair at times, but still manageable for a short game.
I liked your game. The story was kinda heartfelt, and had a good message in the end. Gameplay was a little unfair at times, but still manageable for a short game.

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah, I definitely had a trial-and-error mindset with some of the gameplay sections. I did my best to make them fair, but I'm obviously new to this whole thing. :P

Edit: So I just figured out how quoting works :P
Short story. Feels nice. Puzzles are challenging. Pretty good for a first game.

All endings 30 minutes
Short story. Feels nice. Puzzles are challenging. Pretty good for a first game.

All endings 30 minutes

Thanks for doing a video on the game!

Minor Spoilers for those reading comments who haven't played the game yet:

I actually originally planned to make the game a lot longer, and go more into detail on both Warren and Caesura's characters. Since it's my first RPG Maker game, I cut the story down to the bare essentials. Maybe I'll do a remake or something someday if I can.

You were also right about Warren being a perfectionist, I just wanted to make it more of an implication than to outright say it.
I understand that this is your first game and also that I am still working on mine and dont have one up. I don't mean any of what I am about to say to be mean but, just some constructive criticism. First of all you should name your main character something even if its just "pianist". Dialogue, especially when I got up, took a few seconds to remember who was saying what. Names, even if they were "???" for the female would have cleared that up. I played as long as I could but, between the lack of anything in the background and the silence, which I know is thematic effect, I couldn't play for too long. I understand its your first project and all but, you should tweak it just a bit and add more elements that dont make it seem like your waiting in an elevator for the next part. Also, there was no explanation as to what the black guys were. I quickly found out that they were insta-death. The auto saves you used made this small probably easily forgivable so kudos for that one. This game has the potential to be great even with its simple story and idea. Just add more elements to draw the audience in. Maybe give the guy a bit of backstory or at least a backstory on the girl he talks about in the first few minutes. I didn't know anything about the character I was playing so it was very easy to not care. Think about and fix those two things and that will easily make this game a classic. If you have any technical issues, not ruby scripting as I don't know a whole lot about that, like how to map events and things like that just message me and I will help you where I can.
I liked this game, it was nice even if it was short. I also think it probably needs a bit more of work, like adding a bit of backstory, but I enjoyed it anyway.
But one thing I have to say is: the "Encore" ending was brilliant! When I saw it I thought I just left the keyboard and said "it's great"!
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