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The Piano Player v. 1.01.!

In addition to a snazzy new trailer (I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!). I’ve made a few alterations to the game. I spent some time experimenting with the engine and went back to apply some of it to this project. (More of a patch than a full update, really.)

I pretty much just made the story make a bit more sense and added some context here and there. I also added a copyright thing that I stupidly forgot to the credits.

Unless people point out enough bugs/grammar mistakes/etc. (or a major game-breaking bug, obviously), this is probably going to be the last time I touch this project. I’m brainstorming what I should do next, and hopefully, I can come up with something that feels good enough to start another project.

The Piano Player took a little over a year to complete (The project file was officially created on July 17th, 2017). Most of it was spent learning the engine, planning, and condensing down the overambitious story I had written.

As a final send-off to this story, I want to thank anyone who decides to check out the game! Big thanks to everyone who critiqued it, and I hope that I can improve with my next project and come up with another idea that I love as much as this one.

I’ll shamelessly plug my YouTube Channel now:
I don’t see myself posting too much about games I make until I finish them, and it’s pretty much just let’s plays, but without this channel, I wouldn’t have ever developed the drive to finish this project. It’s one of the few things in life I genuinely love doing, and I hope to one day have it be a source of income, just so I have an excuse to focus on it (and game design) more.

Spoilers Below, if You’ve already played the previous version, but want to know what’s new:
-Warren talks about the sepia-screen flashbacks, reflecting on what happens. This makes it clearer that he slowly remembers what’s happened.
-A brief definition of what a Caesura (in music) is in case you didn’t know.
-A little sprinkle of Warren’s daily routine in classroom. Interact with the Piano he sits at in the Piano Classroom!
-Made the True Ending (Ending A) Credits go slower than Endings B and C (so you can savor the Beautiful Music!)
-Endings (aside from what I said above) are completely unchanged.
-Fixed some grammar and altered a few lines of dialogue to make more sense.