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A Dark Lord terrorizes the land, but our protagonist, Roselle, is ready to fight them! Alas, she is a completionist, so she goes to a fishing pond to earn one last item. She's rather impatient about it, because what kind of JRPG hero wastes time at a fishing pond? She wants to beat in the Dark Lord's face, she has no time for this nonsense. At least at first.

This is a real short visual novel that I made in a few hours in Visual Novel Maker. It was having a free weekend and I thought, "might as well play around with it." The game lasts like, I don't know, 5 to 10 minutes? I kinda wish that this site had a function to let people play in the browser, because it's kinda silly to download something so short.

  • Degica: For Visual Novel Maker, backgrounds and one song

  • Monplaisir Loyalty Freak Music: For rest of musoc.

  • Getty Images: Picture used for the Fisherman

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