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In the time before Somber Elegy, over two thousand years ago, the Country of Misbah won't be the same any more... The War of the Dark Ages sparked a rift between all factions around that time. Several cities have fallen and the world is divided between the humans and the undead. The undead have dwindled the human population to mere numbers. Some of the remaining humans have sided with the undead knowing that the end is soon inevitable and there is no way for this flood of undead to cease. The remaining of those living fight to survive and are fighting those who betrayed their kind.

The unnamed god from Broken Dreams existed at this time... The First Sinner meets the First Sin.. a bastard of the Pereguine Royal Family, Elysia. Playing around with the dark arts she created herself. Raising the dead was her first spell.. Her mysterious death was heartbreaking to those who cared for her. In death The First Sinner speaks with Elysia in the afterlife. Telling her that she has more potential than she realizes.. The Sinner raises Elysia back to life and to tell her to show the world what she can do as the First Sin (A Dark Mage). Elysia slowly stops the world from motion. Bringing the entire world to perpetual twilight.. Raising hordes of undead. The power too great for the Sinner to control and manipulate. Leaves her to do her bidding...

The War of the Dark ages begins...

Several hours worth of content. More will be updated in the future.

I have a lot of ideas in mind. This is a side project that will be on hold until my main project: Somber Elegy, Broken Dreams is finished! I may finish this first... depends if I stick to this.

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