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White Pearl can only be downloaded for PC Windows systems.
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* As of 16/04/2019, White Pearl has been updated on rpgmaker.net for the Patch 2.0 Part I changes. Enjoy!
Patch notes here: https://elyswer.itch.io/white-pearlrpg/devlog/52479/patch-20-notes

** This is a buggy release. For the most bug free release, go to the Steam version.

White Pearl is an expansive turn-based RPG that lasts around 25-30 hours in length.
There is a plethora of side content to complete, and huge regions and towns to explore as the story takes you through them.
The story revolves around several characters, who eventually join together with their own directives - but eventually focus to a common goal - to discover the truth about the world, and on a quest to exterminate the darkness, to ease the burden on the Light Gods.


White Pearl features:
- 35 hours of main story
- Hours of additional content
- A story which deeply explores the characters, but also the world around them.
- A crafting and trading system
- Turn based battle system


The world of Ottrea constantly undergoes a period of calamity, known as Dark Eras. It is believed that the Dark Eras are caused to happen due to the Priori, who sow the seeds of darkness within the world.
As to why they happen, it is unknown.
White Pearl follows the story of Pearlto, how he met characters with intertwined connections and pasts - and how he became tasked with preventing the forthcoming of the Fifth Dark Era.
This, coupled with the looming threat of the Priori (who are the antagonists of the game), means Pearlto is under immense stress in order to keep peace within Ottrea - lest calamity happen a fifth time.
Even so, the origins of the world still lie in mystery, but a certain someone is there to discover it all.

Main Characters

Pearlto Divinia: A man of a religious folllowing, childhood friend of Katkin's and person of authority and empathy. Even when faced with a dark threat he is tasked to destroy, he feels regret. Should he question his faith?

Katkin Elderflower: A friend which Pearlto needed. Born and raised in a restrictive and nobled family just like Pearlto, the two became friends quickly. However, she conceals her family's purpose and origin to the party. Will she tell them, or will her past continue to haunt her. She will have to learn to deal with the past.

Elsay Valenheart = Sister to Elrise, she is a woman of a well-mannered nature. She struggles with empathising with other people, but she is not without heart.

Elrise Valenheart = Brother to Elsay, his outward appearance appears to be morbid and cold, however a traumatic experience has formed him into what he is. He harbours a dark secret unknowingly.

Elyswer Vael = A man of humour, he can lighten up the mood quickly. He is also childhood friends with U'vharr. This man was once an airship pilot.

U'vharr Tia = The king of Ancarna, a town of richness and gold, although the recent shortage has left the town with a decreased budget – they still have plenty to depend on. When heir to the throne at a young age, he could not fit in with the other children of the town and so he turned to Elyswer.

Cassopeia Kinnear = A woman skilled in the arts of dark magic, she learns of her identity and connection to a figure long forgotten.

Many more to meet...

Gameplay - Combat

Combat in White Pearl is turn-based.
The player will decide what action each character would take. When all actions have been decided, the turn will begin - along with the enemy's.
Some skills have a charge time, meaning that the character who is charging the skill cannot take any actions while they are charging the skill during their turn, and must wait for it to finish to execute the skill.
Furthermore, some skills have a cooldown - meaning they will have to be used strategically.

Gameplay - Field

Players may interact with objects in the field, outside of combat.
Most of the time, interaction with these objects is crucial to progression within the game - such as solving a puzzle.
Also, there are lore books around the world of Ottrea which can be found and read by the player. These lore books detail more about the mythology and history of Ottrea - but aren't necessary to read as the main story will cover more than enough.

Gameplay - Content

Besides from the main quest, there are also numerous sidequests you can complete - and areas to unlock and find. Doing this additional content will reap great rewards!

There is also crafting within the game, which is unlocked once the first chapter is complete. You can make entirely new gear, or reinforce gear which you already own. You do all this by using materials, with certain ones being dropped by enemies and materials such as leather or cloth available at shops.


The game has been praised for it's interesting lore, humour, and characters.
Many people have found enjoyment in the nostalgic factor of the title, finding it akin to the early Final Fantasy titles.
The world of White Pearl was also classed as "coherent", and crafts a "meaningful universe". The amount of skills, items and characters available was praised, a certain reviewer stating that each playable character had a unique playstyle - and players could mix and match what they wanted in their party.


Commentated Series (Let's Play) of White Pearl:

Gameplay Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6_uMw1RG0Q&t=3s

Latest Blog

Full Patch 1.0.8 Notes

At: https://elyswer.itch.io/white-pearlrpg/devlog/34871/patch-108-notes

It has been a while since itch.io players got an updated version of the game.
Some 1.0.8 changes were already present in the rpgmaker.net release, but there may be some things here you haven't seen!


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Where are the actual downloads for the game? I see there is gameplay footage but, thats all I see.
Not every game has a download yet. When there is one there will be a button in the top-right.
This game is already on steam for free. I already finished it, at one point got stuck on a glitch but developer eventually fixed it so it's all good. Mapping has lots of large empty spaces and plot is very jarring. But there are alot of characters and it's fairly long so try it if you are curious.

Steam Store Link
What can i do to fix this:https://rpgmaker.net/media/content/users/46282/locker/Namnls.jpg

Sometimes it dissapears but when i walk outside the town for first time it came back.Rough leather grip is equipped but the text is still up there.
Holy crap, sorry guys - I had no idea this was already available through RMN! I hadn't logged in a long time, thinking it'll just get denied as usual.
Anyway, I better sort this out. Bear with me :)
"Someday I'll finish my game... someday.."
Downloading now. It looks interesting. I'll play this when I take a break from development and I will write a review once I've completed the game.
I have written a guide on Steam, so when you are stuck for a quest or in the story, just ask.
Firefly, I put your guide in the official guide so it's also included in the downloads here. ^_^
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