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When you inherited your grandfather's farm you expected your life to be one of harvesting crops and taking care of animals. Yet the village you now live in is beset by monsters who keep ruining your crops. The village is without protection so you decide to form an adventurer's guild and start a new life of fighting monsters and helping the village. Yet there is the small problem of how you don't having any fighting or magic training.

Lucy The mayor's maid. She doesn't like her job, maybe you can help her find a new one.

Egen Eisengren A grizzled farmer who used to be a warrior. He can still train people though.

Job system (5 jobs so far)
Side quests (13 quests so far)
Crafting system

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Well I have played it a bit so far and keep getting a message
Loading Error
Failed to load audio/se/Attack1.ogg

And not quite sure how to get a friend to join, and the mushroom quest is not taking away the mushrooms which is practical but not the plan I suppose.

Really like the game, keep going :)
This game sounds like fun. I really liked the summary because I'm a Rune Factory/Harvest Moon fangirl and I love when games have a sort of guild/job system too. The crafting system also made me really curious! :D
I'll give the game a try when I have some time and then leave my review on it here!
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