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It's your birthday! You should go greet your guests.

You're Pepper, the eponymous birthday kid. It's your 12th birthday today and you're having a party! The cake is nice, but you don't really like your guests that much... Also, there seems to be something important you're forgetting... and where the heck are your parents?

Birthday Kid is a fairly short game about celebrating your birthday, human sacrifice, and discovering yourself.

It's mostly story focused with a few puzzles. Playtime is about an hour or two.

Warning: this game contains violence and disturbing content! Please see this page for content warnings!

Latest Blog

Character Profiles!

Since the game got accepted, I thought I'd post some character profiles as my first blog entry!!!

Age: just turned 12!
Pronouns: they/them
Pepper, the birthday kid!
They're pretty quiet, in fact no one has ever heard them talk out loud. They like bunnies a lot and tends to get along better with them than with people.
No one knows if those ears are real or fake... except Pepper themself of course!

Birthday Guests (Male and Female)
Age: 12-13
Pronouns: he/him (M), she/her (F)
These are the birthday guests and also Pepper's classmates.
As they're never seen without masks, it's difficult to tell them all apart sometimes.
Even though they're always smiling, they don't seem to like you very much... Also they didn't bring any presents, how rude!

Big thank you for looking at my game, and an even bigger thank you to the people who've subscribed!

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  • livis
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • Adventure
  • 03/27/2018 04:00 PM
  • 04/18/2018 09:47 PM
  • 04/26/2018
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Looks interesting!

If Rpg Maker games taught me anything is that birthday parties are the worst part of your life and you're lucky if you get out alive
Message to self: lurking on RMN forums won't get your game done.
Sounds cool. Subbed.
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