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Battle of Instinct is a Fighting game focused in reflexes, it offers fun and addictive mechanics with customizable difficulty levels and over 20 characters planned.

How does it work?
Depending on the mode you choose, you will fight in duels where you have to react to a signal before your opponent does.


An unknown organization commanded by a demigod warlord organizes an All-time Tournament in order to find the most skilled martial artist among mortals.
Warriors from very diverse styles of all eras and nationalities are cast to a paralel dimension named Rengoku where the tournament takes place, all of them hold impossible struggles from their respective timelines, andd the prize is to have any wish the winner wants granted.

The phylosophical beliefs of the warlord forces changes in the combatants' minds to only focus on only decisive lethal attacks without defense, reason of why all duels will end in one to few hits before one of the fighters die.

The story focuses mainly of Azumi and Kojiro Hojo, two japanese siblings from the Bakumatsu Period, as they decide to participate to save their father from an incurable illiness in the middle of a war.

All the fighters also struggle against time, since the situation in their respective timelines becomes considerably worse as seconds in the Rengoku means weeks in the real world.

Features in this demo
  • Reaction based battles and 10 enemies including the first boss.
  • Two usable characters.
  • Two game modes.
  • Fun.

Planned features
  • 2 versus 2 game mode.
  • Master and Demigod skill modes.
  • Over 20 characters from diverse backgrounds and martial art styles.
  • Animated cutscenes.
  • Voice acting.


    Available fighters in the demo

    Your suggestions and feedback are more than welcome, I hope you like what the demo has to offer and I promise you a great game.

    For more info about Battle of Instinct, including walkthrough and tips visit http://secretsocietygames.wikia.com/wiki/Battle_of_Instinct

Latest Blog

I have so many important things to say here.

So...my submission to RMN was over a week ago and by the time you are reading this a lot of changes have been made and the next HUGE update will be uploaded this week.

I want to make this game very community driven, to give a very important voice to my players for this reason I am making polls, the first one was a character popularity poll
You can see the results here Character Popularity Poll
I want to adapt the game to the wishes of my beloved players as much as possible and I have been doing it, here's the results!

In the end of every Arcade route, you will get a score, you will be able to send that score to me to participate on the rankings and tournaments for special prizes.

NOTE: Only Random Signal Mode(Hard) will participate on the tournaments.


Depending on how good you do in the matches, you may receive Gashapon Tickets, you can exchange those for a random prize in the gashapon machine, this includes new characters and skins/outfits for your favourite characters.

What can you expect?
Not just plain simple skins, these will have new high quality animations, new moves and new menu portraits like this:

Have any suggestions for outfits or prizes? Let me know! I will have it in mind!


Are you tired of dying? Do lightspeed shrine maidens with an attitude kick your butt?

Well now you can play a training mode which actually teaches you how to count seconds and frames effectively to improve your strategy.

Corona will make sure you’re taking notes of what she says in her lesson


Yes, I'm actually making an easy mode, which is just the Normal Signal mode with 6 frames of advantage for all characters, so now there will be easy, normal, and hard modes.
*Chesir helps with all japanese text.


One of the most popular characters will be available for you to use, and possibly get an alternative outfit via Gashapon

To learn more about Erika, visit:


Isn't Kameko OP enou...I mean, this will need feedback for correct balance, but basically, it's just special abilities for every character that will affect your performance with them, so you can choose the one that suits you best!

All these things are almost completely finished and will be released in a super exciting mega update very soon!

Have any suggestions? Let me know, as a final note I'd like to say I absolutely LOVE working on this game, it's so much fun to me and I think that will be noticeable in the update.

Follow me on Tumblr for more constant updates! http://balthasar02.tumblr.com

Info, guides and more at http://secretsocietygames.wikia.com/wiki/Battle_of_Instinct
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  • Balthasar02
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
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  • 03/30/2018 12:32 AM
  • 04/10/2018 01:06 AM
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Good to see Battle of Instinct on here! There is a lot of love and hardwork put into this game. Subbed, of course.
Good to see Battle of Instinct on here! There is a lot of love and hardwork put into this game. Subbed, of course.

Thank you Nedras, I hope to update very soon and give everyone a big surprise.
I'm stoked for the update!

Thank you, your support is always very important.
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