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Super MEGA update! Battle of Instinct 0.9 available!

I am happy to give you this very important update, with tons of new content to play and replay.

What is Battle of Instinct?

Battle of Instinct is a reflexes based fighting game with multiple game modes, when the signal appears, the player has a short time to react before the enemy attacks. This instant will get more narrow as you advance in the game. More info here: http://secretsocietygames.wikia.com/wiki/Battle_of_Instinct

What’s new in this version?

This version was heavily inspired by the feedback received by players and changes will always be made this way. More polls coming soon!

  • Erika Lasker is ready to play! Now you have three usable characters.
  • There is a Training mode hosted by Corona Starlight with exercises and tips that actually help so you can git gud!
  • Gashapon! Now you can get Gashapon Tickets every time you beat the game, the amount you get can vary depending on what you do
  • Costumes! You can roll the Gashapon machine for special prizes!
  • Easy Mode included, now there are three difficulty levels.
  • Achievments! Collect them all and everyone will be jealous of you.

Tournaments and rankings’ service begins!

Send me your score or join our Discord server’s community to be part of the rankings and compete for special prizes!



I have so many important things to say here.

So...my submission to RMN was over a week ago and by the time you are reading this a lot of changes have been made and the next HUGE update will be uploaded this week.

I want to make this game very community driven, to give a very important voice to my players for this reason I am making polls, the first one was a character popularity poll
You can see the results here Character Popularity Poll
I want to adapt the game to the wishes of my beloved players as much as possible and I have been doing it, here's the results!

In the end of every Arcade route, you will get a score, you will be able to send that score to me to participate on the rankings and tournaments for special prizes.

NOTE: Only Random Signal Mode(Hard) will participate on the tournaments.


Depending on how good you do in the matches, you may receive Gashapon Tickets, you can exchange those for a random prize in the gashapon machine, this includes new characters and skins/outfits for your favourite characters.

What can you expect?
Not just plain simple skins, these will have new high quality animations, new moves and new menu portraits like this:

Have any suggestions for outfits or prizes? Let me know! I will have it in mind!


Are you tired of dying? Do lightspeed shrine maidens with an attitude kick your butt?

Well now you can play a training mode which actually teaches you how to count seconds and frames effectively to improve your strategy.

Corona will make sure you’re taking notes of what she says in her lesson


Yes, I'm actually making an easy mode, which is just the Normal Signal mode with 6 frames of advantage for all characters, so now there will be easy, normal, and hard modes.
*Chesir helps with all japanese text.


One of the most popular characters will be available for you to use, and possibly get an alternative outfit via Gashapon

To learn more about Erika, visit:


Isn't Kameko OP enou...I mean, this will need feedback for correct balance, but basically, it's just special abilities for every character that will affect your performance with them, so you can choose the one that suits you best!

All these things are almost completely finished and will be released in a super exciting mega update very soon!

Have any suggestions? Let me know, as a final note I'd like to say I absolutely LOVE working on this game, it's so much fun to me and I think that will be noticeable in the update.

Follow me on Tumblr for more constant updates! http://balthasar02.tumblr.com

Info, guides and more at http://secretsocietygames.wikia.com/wiki/Battle_of_Instinct
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