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Tamer: Emptiness(previously Tamer of the Emptiness) is an rpg game in a brutal and mature setting.

Using original graphic assets,scripts and soundtrack creates a unique and new world for you to explore. Branching storyline gives a reason to play game multiple times.

Set in ancient rome, the story follows a chosen tamer - monster slayer with mysterious prophecy.

It originally had a free in-development unfinished version in polish language made by Haxo Game Studios. Since then Zayko Gameworks got license to work on remake, improved it, added a lot of stuff plus translated game into English.

Game itself is a top down old school cRPG with goal of creating interesting and deep world, with believable characters and moral dillemas.

A Long time ago the Gods became angry at humans and sent a plague of monsters to the world in order to punish them.

Mars took pity on them and taught a small group of warriors how to fight these monsters. Those were the first tamers, a group that keeps the monsters at bay and defend humanity. You, as one of them, will have to solve the mystery of a recent series of missing villagers and fulfill your destiny.

  • Branching Quest paths - most quests can be completed in more than one way.
  • Multiple Endings - your choices do matter.

  • Rich Open World - explore world full of side quests and interesting characters.

  • Brutal and uncensored game world - featuring gore, violence and crude language.

  • Survival system - you need to eat and drink(it's possible to turn that off).

  • Fully mouse driven menus - it's PC after all.

  • Character driven progression - even best equipment means nothing without skilled user.

  • Plethora of skills and traits - become the ultimate monster slayer.

  • Real time action animated mouse combat - fight enemies as you see them, without battle transitions.

  • Crafting system - create alchemical potions and other equipment by learning new patents.

  • Visual Equipment - Your equipment actually show up on hero!

    ZAYKO Gameworks
    Haxo Game Studios
    Old STEAM Greenlight page

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