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..:: GENERICA ::..

*** UPDATE ***

New v1.3
This game has been updated with content from its sequel, Generica: The Next Generation!


..:: OVERVIEW ::..

Welcome to Generica! An RM2k3 RPG that will be created in a week in time for RS! Day VI. Done in that classic NES style (as seen in Dragon Fantasy II and Hellion), Generica will follow the story of our heroes as they leave their remote mountain village to kill the evil Slayer King.

For 22 years the Slayer King has ruled Generica with an iron gauntlet. The general populace is cowed and broken, and the nobles, knights and armies are fighting wars in far off lands for the bloodthirsty and seemingly invincible Slayer King. Large tracks of land have been left fallow and overrun by the wilderness. Villages lay abandoned, and even cities seem like ghosttowns. Hopelessness rules the day.

Our heroes must find the Gladius Generica - the only weapon capable of felling the evil lord - before it is too late. Yet the only one who knows its location is the reclusive old coot known as the Fisher King...and he is clearly insane...

..:: NOTES ::..

Like Hellion, this game will borrow heavily from our collective work on the (now defunct) community project of the same name (Generica), but instead of the gameplay and systems, this game will borrow the most from the story and plot.

It is not a long game, but hopefully fun!

Latest Blog

Encounter at Farpoint

This game has been updated with content from its sequel, Generica: The Next Generation!

The update includes:
-a caterpillar system for your party
-a new font (please install FF6.fon from the Fonts folder!)
-DynRPG patch for Faster ATB (courtesy of PepsiOtaku)
-some balancing issues
-New Game+ to allow you to continue to Generica: TNG using the same party/levels/equipment/items
-the ability to use classes from Generica: TNG
-the ability to start the game directly in Generica: TNG

  • Completed
  • kentona
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 03/17/2009 03:15 PM
  • 03/31/2018 11:44 PM
  • 03/26/2009
  • 148506
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I once banned myself by mistake
Yeah, the enemy defense was too high for that area by far. My only excuse is that I made this game in 10 days.
Yeah, I got one in my team. I guess the major issue for me is that I am a bit ticked off by the grinding. It feels like that I need tons of grinding (and the encounters was pretty annoying, well, I have a thing about random encounters too) to succeed at this game. Thanks for the tip btw!

Oh, dang, I didn't read that part (being a 10 day work). I guess that explains the balancing. Or maybe it's on purpose (old school hard and stuff like that). Also hahaha, I played this after finishing Hellion and writing the review. You can't imagine how ironic I feel when I reach the 1st cave dungeon. A Labyrinth (not really) and a BLACKOUT!? I had a good laugh there.
I once banned myself by mistake
Quick update just to let you know that Generica will be a featured game on Brothersoft.com

Here is the email I got this morning:

Hello, Kenton Creations

I'm Eagle from brothersoft.com.

We will give your game "editor's pick" on your game page. Could you place our logo on your homepage or product page? Then we will give your game “Featured Games” on our game category page.

Your game link on our website:


The logo code:
*** logo code was here *** -ed.

If you have any cooperation or suggestions, please don't hesitate to e-mail me.

Best Regards

Eagle Liu

Pretty cool, right?
Just started playing this, it's awesome!
Man, that is oldschool done right!
I once banned myself by mistake
That is my Modus Operandi
When I tried downloading it it said file could not be found.
I once banned myself by mistake
When I tried downloading it it said file could not be found.
It worked for me!

Incidentally, I just downloaded the 1000th download. THAT was anti-climatic. Oh well.... -_-;
It keep asking me to find the file <_<
I once banned myself by mistake
Are you talking about the rar filetype? Like, you can't open the file after you've downloaded it? You can go to www.rarlabs.com to download WinRAR and unpack the file.

I hope that's it, because I tried again to download and it worked.
I LOVED this! I finished this game in two sittings and was left salivating for more. You've really outdone yourself here. This game was everything great about Dragon Warrior and none of the bad parts (ie: no selecting "stair" for stairs, and no slow walking).

I used soldier, warrior, druid, and mage. I felt they were all equally useful and powerful through the whole game. The warrior was the best against the final boss (Gladius Generica + Evil Sword, hehe) and my soldier was amazing with impact + phase blade :D The mage's spells never got weak, especially thanks to Chain Magic. I really liked the dungeons (tower of hope especially) and the overworld. I like old school grindy rpgs, so the difficulty was right up my alley.

I really, really hope that for your next "big" game you make an RMVX Generica game. It will give you a lot more power and flexibility with your battle system.

One bug: There were several mobs in the game who cast Dispel on my party, turning them into dragons! I think there's an errant check box in your editor. It only happened a couple of times but it was awesome.
I once banned myself by mistake
Haha yeah. Dispel was supposed to remove all status conditions - instead it APPLIES all of them. Whoops!

I am glad you liked this. I am working (albeit slowly) on a sequel, but it was started in RM2k3 just like this was. However, I was hoping to make a RMVX game in the same style and vein as Generica. In the future. Sometime. Maybe...

Thanks for playing and commenting!
For some reason I didn't get music.
For some reason I didn't get music.

Double click the volume control icon in your system tray to open it, and make sure that the SW Synth has not been muted or set too low. If it has been, then un-mute it or set it higher.
Was this 10-day RPG for a contest, or was it a personal challenge you levelled against yourself?
I once banned myself by mistake
It was partially for a Release Something! Day event. I tried very hard to complete the game in time...I was 2 days late (I think...), but released it anyway.
I once banned myself by mistake

A review written in Polish has been posted on another site, if anyone was interested in reading it. (I used Google Translate)
Just beat the game with a party of 6,6,6,7. Didn't record the Fisher King battle because it was, well, long and boring.

Going to start uploading them tomorrow, even though there are only 3 videos.......
oh, yeah, google translate fails at translating "oldschool".

oldschool apparently means "Oldskulowa".

Edit: Actually, Google didn't translate it at all!
Triple post, sorry.

Uploaded the whole challenge in one video. Check it out:

I once banned myself by mistake
Whoa that's pretty cool. You should submit this as a Media item!