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Encounter at Farpoint

This game has been updated with content from its sequel, Generica: The Next Generation!

The update includes:
-a caterpillar system for your party
-a new font (please install FF6.fon from the Fonts folder!)
-DynRPG patch for Faster ATB (courtesy of PepsiOtaku)
-some balancing issues
-New Game+ to allow you to continue to Generica: TNG using the same party/levels/equipment/items
-the ability to use classes from Generica: TNG
-the ability to start the game directly in Generica: TNG



From Russia With Love

Calunio has informed me that his game Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer and my game Generica have been added to a compilation CD featured in a Russian gaming magazine!


Take a close look at the Freeware section.

Pretty cool, no? We have gone international!

I don't read Russian, so I don't have any more information other than this shot of the CD calunio sent me. Good find, cal!

I wonder what the Russians think of these games...

I also found this posting on a french RPG site:


Patch v1.2 released

This patch fixes a severe bug with the Ice Dragon boss battle wherein the switch for Absolute 1 wouldn't turn off (and thus the spell would be cast every turn). I also added a save point and fixed up 2 mapping errors.



Best In Show RS!D VI

Hey, I'd just like to say that I am excited to say that Generica was the standout game in Halibabica's Release Something Roundup!


I'm quite happy with this little game, and wish more people would play it. C'est la vie!

Thanks halibabica.


Minor Update - v1.1 is up

After taking in Craze's suggestions and error-pointing-outing, I fixed up a few of the looser ends of Generica. It is not a radical change from the original game, but it is better now.


- Beefed up the 4 boss battles
- Fixed the typos that Craze pointed out.
- Removed the Dual Wield from the third party member
- The King Slime now gives EXP and a Chest
- Mages can equip Iceheart
- Evil equipment is now cursed
- Torches shouldn't work on the world map anymore
- Added more Ergo
- Fixed Apparition battle graphic
- ...probably other stuff...
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