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..:: CLASSES ::..

A powerful fighter with a great defense and a good deal of hardy equipment. His Impact skill will allow him to dish out a lot of damage.

A rough and tumble fighter, who can dual-wield claws. High HP, low defense and speedy attacks mark this hero.

A little from column A, a little from B. The Freelancer can do it all, but does nothing exceptionally well.

A fast little bugger who can equip multi-strike and attack-all type weapons. Oh, and he can steal.

The spell-flinging nuke who is as fragile as he is smart. Pretty good at debuffing, too.

The healer who also knows how to buff his allies. Knows poisons, too. Rumors have it that he can also shapeshift into a dragon...

The healer-warrior. Strikes a balance between healing and fighting.

One of the creature-like peoples of the north. More animal than human, the Straken starts off as a fast melee warrior and then evolves into a fearsome dark wizard.