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Both Archaic and Absorbing

  • Craze
  • 04/05/2009 07:05 AM
Generica is a fun and short RPG adventure that updates the NES formula just enough to make it both archaic and fun. This works well with the expertly-used Dragon Quest graphics--the only places that weren't great to look at were the cave dungeons, but they were interesting, at least, even when you used Radiant to see the whole map (Generica has a torch system in place that makes underground dungeons dark). The DQ4 monsters worked surprisingly well despite facing forward; it sounds odd, but works with the rest of the game's classical nature.

The game gives you the choice to create your own party right off the bat! There are plenty of classes to choose from, and all seemed to have their own desirable niche. While your characters grow in a linear fashion from there, the staggering amount of loot you pick up (always exciting!) gives you plenty of opportunities. The inclusion of a cursed equipment set can make for some interesting battles, indeed...

As a whole, Generica embodies the spirit of old Dragon Quest games in regards to its spells, its items, its world map layout... everything is based on the same source material, so the flow and ease of use are both of high quality and consistency. The overworld especially was nifty because you can visit advanced locations, see where you're going next and--best of all--simply explore around. Some grinding is potentionally required in this game, but between the quick leveling and awesome world map this isn't often too terrible a chore.

The game, while obviously made in rm2k3, utilizes its source material and engine in such a way to make everything work well (your INT stat matters!). I give this game 4/5 Tornekos; it's complete and definitely worth the few hours of your time that it'll eat away.