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No Relation To “The Worst RPG Ever”

  • sbester
  • 04/28/2010 04:33 AM
If you don’t understand the title, there was an old game called “The Worst RPG Ever” which featured a world called Generica. As far as I know, there is no relation to that game, for this is one of the best RM games ever! I realize that the other reviews for this game cover everything pretty well, and repeat each other a bit. So, I have decided not to repeat them and simply state a few things that past reviewers neglected to mention.

Plot and Dialogue 5/5
Well, there is very little of both. However, it gets the basic point across perfectly. The one thing I would like to point out is that the plot does in fact progress and you carry out your missions. You are first presented with a simple task, which leads the player to believe that they won’t be getting any more plot details except that the slayer king is evil and you have to kill him. Each town will shed more light upon the history of the slayer king, and makes talking to the townspeople important and interesting at the same time. The dialogue is brief (thank you kentona) but relevant. Many old school copycats miss the mark here, so I was pleasantly surprised at this while playing.

Graphics 5/5
They’re all Dragon Warrior/Quest rips, but they are used very well. The battle sprites is a nice feature, but the best use of graphics is at the start of the game when you get to choose your party members. A small diagram shows each character’s strengths and weaknesses without compromising the primitive atmosphere kentona tries to achieve.

Sound 3/5
It’s typical oldschool music throughout. This is where the game could have used something a little beefier. I was simply annoyed by the overworld and battle music after a little while and turned the sound off until entering new areas. However, it does what it is supposed to, and I didn’t find anything to be out of place or awkward.

Gameplay 3/5
The darkened cave idea works very well for the game, and I found it refreshing for an RM game. However, I have two gripes with it that I hope are improved for the upcoming sequel. The first is that it is a grind fest. That’s okay for the type of game it emulates, however, kentona could have improved upon the Dragon Warrior formula by expanding some of the areas a bit more. The second problem I had, and it isn’t mentioned in the other reviews (so maybe I just had bad luck?), is that I was surrounded by the enemies about two-thirds of the time I was in battle. Had this utilized the RM2K battle system rather than RM2K3, I would have let it slide, but I got seriously annoyed after a while.

Overall 16/20
I really enjoyed this game. It captures what I loved about old NES RPGs, but also what I hated about them. I look forward to the sequel!


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I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
Thank you for the review and I'm glad you enjoyed this game! Both the brevity of the dialog (which you liked) and the battle issues such as grinding and being surrounded (which you disliked) can be attributed to the short development time of the game.

Oh, and the music is from Dragon Warrior I thru IV and is a huge nostalgia bomb for me and scores a 11/5 on my scale. I'm afraid it's back in sequel (but with a few more tracks).

Thanks for playing!
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