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An Excellent Game With A Few Minor Flaws (SPOILERS)

  • amerk
  • 05/02/2010 02:07 AM
I just completed this game and I have to commend you on the style that you used. I started playing just yesterday and finished up today (almost nonstop aside for a few hours of sleeping). I loved the story, felt it was handled well enough, and was even more eventful than a lot of NES games. I also liked seeing various elements of DQ present in here, as if you took a little from each game to make the world of Generica.

The beginning was brutal, until your characters were leveled up properly enough and had various ranges of attacks to help with potential threats. Some balancing may be needed to make the initial run a bit easier, although the game does become easier as you progress. I was a bit disappointed in the final boss though, which for me took only 1 round with the Warrior at max level (30) and using Impact., along with a couple of LITMORE attacks. I even suspected he wasn't the final boss, but that perhaps we'd be fighting Earth Mother since she's been behind everything, but that was not the case. Also, the destroyed town (Axelay, or something) really had not purpose in the game. If there had been something more to it (say a locked door that required the Hope Key, or even an expanded plot point, that would have made it more impressive. Also, aside from pointing the characters in the right direction, Ergo and the witch (two of which needed more characterization) didn't have much purpose in the game or the story's outcome.

But aside from all of that, this was by far a great game, and perhaps a bit tragic. I didn't come to view the Slayer King as evil, but perhaps misguided. This could be a result of the Earth Mother, but we don't really get all the details. And the Fisher King was definitely my favorite character. There are questions left open, and hopefully they will be addressed in the sequel. Who is the Earth Mother? Is she truly misguided, or is she really evil? Who is the new goddess? What is her purpose? Is she what humanity thinks of her, or is she misleading humanity? If this becomes a trilogy, one possible plot idea could be that we find out the Earth Mother was always good, just misguided, and the humanity has been wrong in accepting the new goddess. I'm just exploring ideas, as I don't really know which direction this will go, but it is a hunch because the feeling I had with both the Fisher King and the Slayer King is that this is something they have to do, instead of wanting to do it.

Gameplay: 4/5 (needs a more tough ending boss, beginning balance is relentless and unmerciful)
Music: 5/5 (excellent choices all the way around)
Story: 4/5 (Some unanswered questions, more plot points for a couple of places and characters)
Graphics: 5/5 (really brings back memories)


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Thanks for the review!

In the sequel, both the Earth Mother and Ergo get larger roles and a few plot holes get resolved, although the series is planned for only 2 games. I plan on wrapping everything up storywise in the second game.
Looking forward to it. And by the screenshots so far, looks like the sequel may be even more epic than the first.
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