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Bleeding sun won't you come and wash away the rain?

Good day!
Bleeding Sun is a complete and commercial adventure game by JaimePazLopes made using RPG Maker MV in 2018. This product stood out due to its original story and idea: set in feudal Japan it tells a tale of revenge, with some interesting features.

Yori Takenaka was forced to flee the day his father was killed. Anyway after fifteen years in exile, he comes back to take the father's sword and bring justice to the land. Or he could look for revenge, well you decide! This is done answering to the very first choice, but many others will follow during the game, in a not axtremely long adventure that can have different outcomes and endings.

Anyway let's go back to or hero: Yori witnessed the death of his father Akio Takenaka after Ichiro defeated him in combat with the help of Chiyo, a witch. Kenzou, a monk that was training Yori was not able to help Akio, but luckily a ninja, Tsuru, saved both the monk and the child.

Look at my horse, my horse is amazing! Well it has fast travel!

Yori comes back home but what he finds are just the ruins of their old house, and the lands of his father are now inhabited by bands of thieves, brigands and cutthroats. But this is not everything, there is also some malevolent magic influence probably left by Chiyo, that expected the return of the boy. Anyway Kenzou and Tsuru were still alive, so Yori decides to look for the old friends of his father and face Ichiro and his witch once for all...

Ok, this is the plot, and as you can see is nothing particularly imaginative or fantastic, on the contrary it's a simple tale of revenge set in a low-magic world: while witches, shugenjas, undeads and demons exist, this is still a setting where there aren't flying airships, non-human races or lots of magical weapons like in most of the others jrpg games. No, here magic is rare, but monsters do exits, even if most opponents will be humans. So yes, there will be combat, and lots of it!

A dragon bone! Soon we'll see how it can be useful, anyway better than finding a real living dragon!

In Bleeding Sun combat is classic: you can a standard attack but also special moves, the neat thing is that they have a cooldown, so it's important to employ some kind of strategy, taking in account the different abilities and skills of the party members, but also using consumables when needed. It's nothing extremely new here too, still it's very well done!

Same can be said for music and graphics: the game uses few Rtps and lots of edits that recreate prefectly the feudal japan setting and characters, each of them different from the others and complete with matching faceset. Mapping is also very good, with a colorful and charming oriental world that has some character.
The menus are also aestetically well done, and the isometric battle backgrounds where the battlers fight are simply beautiful!
The game has also some cool features like the camp where you can rest and grow consumables, and also find the horse that is used to fast travel around the region. You can save anywhere, and as I mentioned before the different choices eneable different endings, another feature I liked, so what else? Well play the demo and try by yourself!

What happened to Yori? And why is he fighting these people? Play, experiment and see!

Final Verdict
Bleeding Sun is a very good game and it utilizes the RMMV engine with some very well made edits. Even if the story is a bit cliche, it's all well done and the possibility to choose honor or instead unleash the fury of revenge makes the game pretty interesting and fun, and after each Act you can view the decisions you made, and what their effects were. Ok, it sometimes it feels a bit "on the rails" but because this is not a real open world experience, but rather a story with different choices, options and sides. What I liked a bit less is that characters, all of them, becomes rather "tanky" towards the end of the game, so battles drags a bit too much for me, and the dark path is rather punishing, anyway despite some minor issues and few questionable design choices this is still a pretty good and enjoyable game. My advice is: try the demo first, so if you will like what you see and play you will clearly want more!