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Sacred Reviews; Tabletop Dice Roller


I'll admit that I find reviewing this program a bit weird on a multiple levels. For starters, I've never actually played a tabletop RPG like Dungeons & Dragons. In fact, the one time I tried the Game Master actually managed to ruin the experience for me by devoting an entire hour to trying to help another newbie role up the perfect character. In fact, this process ended up taking so long that I left before he even got around to rolling up stats for my starting character. That aside this project is also a weird one for me to discuss because it isn't a game in and of itself, but a program meant to aid in playing games.


"Tabletop Dice Roller" is a program created by pianotm in order to replace random number generators. While this program really won't help people like pianotm or my youngest sibling who own multiple sets of gaming dice. This program may come in handy for cheapskates that feel like random number generators simply aren't random enough. And while I'd like to say this program is great and clearly does the same job just as well if not better. The reality is that this program is a buggy mess.


For starters if you choose to run this program in a windowed mode which you'd probably be doing if you were playing a tabletop game over the Internet. Then you have to open it up in a window that is at least 800 by 600 in order to see all of the buttons on the side. If you don't the buttons will only partially appear and in the case of the smallest window size you'll only be able to access a small number of the available dice rolling options.

To make matters even worse the game bugs out whenever I try to use 4D6 by having one of the dice infinitely fall through the table until it disappears.

And to add insult to injury it's near impossible to read the results of the 1D4 option.

And to deepen then injury even further. Sometimes the dice fail to tumble at all.


While, I'll admit that it was noble of pianotm to try and address the problems with random number generators. After all, if you known the algorithm and seed that a random number generator is using you can then create a program to predict the results of the random number generator in advance. And while this might seem like a small problem at first glance. It can be a major issue if someone can successfully predict what cards you'll be dealt in a game of online poker. So this is definitely a problem in need of a solution. Sadly, "Tabletop Dice Roller" isn't the program to do that.


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The TM is for Totally Magical.
Thanks! Actually made this for a friend. I have since figured out my mistake with the buttons. Still can't figure out why the dice clip through a solid box.
Yeah, I really can't help you with that one. Though, I suppose it is kinda funny the first time or two you see it.
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