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A Tragic epic...

  • Starmage
  • 04/12/2018 10:50 AM
Hello guys! Welcome to my review for Traum by Skyforger/Ruskatuli. This game is a story-driven experience that puts you into the shoes of a man named Mike, who is falling into despair. A man who's supposed to have a good life, a loving wife, and a family. It is a very dark, psychological game that is wonderfully made and is emotionally-charged.

First Impressions:
The first thing I noticed was the amount of effort and passion put into this game. There are lots of custom assets being used in this game to create the perfect psychological horror setting. I was already very intrigued and drawn unto how melancholic the start of the game is. You are introduced to a romantic letter that you're soon going to doubt the beautify of this love story. I just loved it, got me hooked indeed.

The story in this game is something that you have to play yourself to fully experience and immerse into this wonderfully tragic drama. Mike is going in a downward spiral, discovering lots of devastating things that will make you question the paradise that he thought existed with his wife. The game does a good job of introducing you with each character and giving you some hints and references on how they will be of significance in the later parts of the game. I was literally anxious the whole time, because the game is quite scary, but mainly because of how scared I was for Mike, and how tragic his story really is. What really got me very devastated in the story was the part about the pregnancy, which I won't be spoiling too much here. Again, for me, I think you should play the game yourself so that you'll have a front-row sit in experiencing this beautiful tragedy of a story. It is dark, and does a very good job of reflecting the harsh reality that many people face in today's society.

The game is puzzle-based with lots of interact-able objects that will either progress the story, or allow you to dig deeper into the dark lore of this game. There are lots of creepy exploration in this game, I most especially liked the parts around the morgue or the hospital, it was kinda creepy. I really love how each time you progress, the more haunted Mike becomes. It was extremely effective and I just loved it! The game is better played when you're alone in a dark room. (as the case of almost every horror game.)

The game has lots of custom art-works that are beautifully done! The mappings and the lighting are all great, and are very effective at capturing the mood for this psychological thrill. There are lots of emphasis in dark rooms and blood, which really gets you anxious as you progress. With that said, there are actually a number of gores in this game.

Music in this game is gorgeous! They're very melancholic and dramatic. I just love how well they fit into the game in each scene. The music sways your emotions to at least two sides of the spectrum: Sadness/Grief and Anxiety/Fright.

This game is perfectly made!! I just loved everything about it! I believe that the story is kinda depressing, still, the effort and passion put into this game is just too much to ignore! Everything blends so well together and I can see how personal and realistic this game's story is. It is a very well-made RPG maker game that I would recommend for everyone to try, especially if you're a lover of horror games. It is free, so go ahead and make your night! ^_^ 5/5, well deserved! :)