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Further progress has been done on this game. More screenshots are included and more content is being added for the full experience. I have also added more artwork into the game too. Specifically this update is also to let the subscribed know that there is a new download on the page. Its the old version showing the game through the VX Engine which is the engine I decided to use after debating whether to transfer and change the whole project in MV.

Progress Report

More Updates

So far there have been a lot of dramatic changes to the game. Events have been re-organised to become clearer and more effective than the original demo release in 2011. Important things to also note:
-Additional Monsters have been added.
-Plans for more in Depth Story than the initial conspiracy.
-An Alchemy System has been implemented into the game.
-Again Events have been re-organised, still a work in progress.
-Many graphical structural changes have been made such as side doors to make the
game far more realistic and Over Walls.
-Many Artworks and Extra Illustrations have been implemented with more to come for the overall game.
-Most of the maps are officially completed. It's now a matter of structuring the
story and progression through the game based on the level design of its overall structure.
-Additional Items have added to the game.
-More Puzzles have been planned for the game and noted for later development.
-Tested Various Limitations of the Game Mechanics.

The only thing I am confident to say is that the main base structure of the level design and all the maps are practically over 80% complete. So you can see that the game is getting there. (It still needs a tons of updating and mainly the work on various cut-scenes to continue the story in the various paths provided.)

Progress Report

New Screenshots and Updates

Just updated the screenshot's for Eden Hall. The game has gone through significant updates from it original update (Please see last blog update). I hope you'll enjoy the horror within this plot I have created.

So far not much has been developed further in terms of gameplay. The game is currently going through many updates, such as (much has been done already:
-Adding Bonus Items
-Updating The Main System
-Adding 3 More Enemies
-Updating the Game with original soundtracks and Sound Effects
-Updating the graphic content with original works
-Addition of Extra Bosses
-Addition of Alternate Game Paths/Endings


Back to Working on this Project

Hey there subscribers. Eden Hall's development moved to Unity's Engine but after being screwed around by so many people I decided to return back to RPG Maker VX and finish the old version I was working on originally mostly by myself. You're probably thinking of the version with Mythos graphics, actually that is not the case, this version was before that. Turns out I found a backup of my original files for what I worked on and will continue to work on that project and finish it off. Most of the level design has been implemented as well as the games basic systems for its mechanics. I am far ahead with the story and have even added some endings already. As this game gives you relative freedom to explore the game to your liking, I am trying to create some other alternate endings and pathways for the player to take. The Game's goal is to enter then leave the area at whatever cost.


Move to Unity Engine

Ok so far development has been steady however there is now going to be a major change in the game. Its going to be 3D and not 2D. I am moving the development of this Project into Unity's Engine and have started working with a team of skilled Unity professionals on the project in small steps.

Anyway it isn't going to stop me from releasing a demo of the early development of the game which used the RMMV Engine. So at some point in time you will see a demo up for play. Just so you know, the combat for the Project is planned to be an ABS and not a turn based battle system like you've seen currently.
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