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  • Martimus
  • 03/03/2019 06:39 PM
Hey there subscribers. Eden Hall's development moved to Unity's Engine but after being screwed around by so many people I decided to return back to RPG Maker VX and finish the old version I was working on originally mostly by myself. You're probably thinking of the version with Mythos graphics, actually that is not the case, this version was before that. Turns out I found a backup of my original files for what I worked on and will continue to work on that project and finish it off. Most of the level design has been implemented as well as the games basic systems for its mechanics. I am far ahead with the story and have even added some endings already. As this game gives you relative freedom to explore the game to your liking, I am trying to create some other alternate endings and pathways for the player to take. The Game's goal is to enter then leave the area at whatever cost.