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More Updates

  • Martimus
  • 03/27/2019 10:55 AM
So far there have been a lot of dramatic changes to the game. Events have been re-organised to become clearer and more effective than the original demo release in 2011. Important things to also note:
-Additional Monsters have been added.
-Plans for more in Depth Story than the initial conspiracy.
-An Alchemy System has been implemented into the game.
-Again Events have been re-organised, still a work in progress.
-Many graphical structural changes have been made such as side doors to make the
game far more realistic and Over Walls.
-Many Artworks and Extra Illustrations have been implemented with more to come for the overall game.
-Most of the maps are officially completed. It's now a matter of structuring the
story and progression through the game based on the level design of its overall structure.
-Additional Items have added to the game.
-More Puzzles have been planned for the game and noted for later development.
-Tested Various Limitations of the Game Mechanics.

The only thing I am confident to say is that the main base structure of the level design and all the maps are practically over 80% complete. So you can see that the game is getting there. (It still needs a tons of updating and mainly the work on various cut-scenes to continue the story in the various paths provided.)