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Feast Your Eyes: Little Marshmallow on Steam.

After managing to escape death row, a poor unfortunate little marshmallow with the blood of eight stained on their hands cannot shake a past that shackles them. They're sinking into an abyss of surreal horror, isolated but not alone. Join this terrible yet heartbreaking little marshmallow, a mysterious and intrusive romantic named Simon, a gang of friends who may not even be real, and other strange characters as they struggle in a hell of doubt... What's even the point? Is there any future our tortured little marshmallow can look forward to?

Creepy mementos of love... The disappearance of an odd girl in a tall tower... A plague that makes people stare at dirt... What do all of these things have in common? When the fangs behind our facade sink deep into the mind and reflect our darkest thoughts, it becomes a struggle to not let our shadow take over.

A semi-sequel/spin-off to Close Your Eyes, though made so it can be played stand-alone.

A 3D surreal horror game that combines fixed camera angles with 2.5D elements. The game is mostly focused on its dark world that is occasionally littered with a strange threat or puzzle. Things start off a bit slow but gradually escalate, all while being mindful to pace itself and balance a level of intrigue, involvement and introspection.

Travel between several strange locations, varying from a decrepit school to a town that's always raining, partake in strange events and overcome any challenges that may come your way. But be wary, things are often not what they seem.

-An intense yet odd atmosphere backed by a mostly original soundtrack.
-A strange and cryptic narrative about loss, meaning, connection, and suffering.
-Quiet horror that settles into a mood rather than rely on jumpscares, paced to keep things interesting.
-Blending together scenes utilizing fixed camera angles as well as 2.5D gameplay with the depth of 3D.
-Upon completing the game under certain conditions you'll unlock various costumes, modes and other surprises.
-Among one of the first games made with SMILE Game Builder, showing off the early capability of the engine.
-Scratch deep beneath the skin to reveal new flesh; the game is an entry into the ever expanding 'Yai Gameworks' universe.

No one has full control over themselves, no matter how much some of us wish we did.

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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Oh wow, completed already?! Saw this on steam’s upcoming games list the other day and was very hyped. Can’t wait to play it!

Edit: nvm it says commercial not completed I cannot read apparently

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