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Victory School Review

Victory school is by far, the worst RPG Maker game I have ever played. It is a broken unplayable mess with RTP plastered everywhere, a awful script, tons of typos, broken gameplay, and game breaking glitches glitches that make the game literally unplayable. First, the story. Some guy wakes up and needs to go to school. On his way there he meets his 3 friends and they go into class. After some nonsense of "the school invade and the generator on top of building goes" the students leave the class only to be captured by some agents, who say some cryptic speech about how he used "radioactive in the water fountain" and they get sent to the basement of the school. This is where I got stuck as a rock blocks the way to staircase needed to move forward, and when I tried interacting with it it just said "I'm not strong enough to move this." I tried interacting with every tile, and the only ones I found were some barrels that said "just empty boxes" and some ACTUAL boxes that said "Nothing here" This made the game impossible to continue, and pretty much unplayable. I didn't even get to a single battle, which by the screenshots I can presume that it's basic RTP fare. However, that's not the worst thing about this game. The worst thing about this game is how it lacks a PC version, only being available for android phones. That can work if you also have a PC version as the main download as well as customizing the layout and resolution using plugins to better fit mobile phones if you are going that route. Along with the numerous typos, the game-breaking glitches, the RTP default weapons, armor, and items, this is by far the worst RPG Maker game I have ever played. 0.5/5


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I'll be upfront in admitting that I'm an asshole that just loves to tear into games every now and again, but even I would be hesitant to be overly critical of the plot line of this game. After all, it was written by a bunch of kids in middle school. As such, it was always going to be balls to the walls insane.

Or did you not read the summary for this game.

a story written by middle school students
Krimsonkatt, you didn't even finish the game and you gave it a review. The pc version exists on one of our work computers that was completely wiped.
I like tights! They're comfy and easy to wear!
I didn't know how to progress, and nothing told me how I could, so that's bad game design on your part. However I do feel really bad that the PC version was wiped, I've had a far share of that myself. However, if you still have the original files, you can re-publish the game. Just to let you know. This is why you make back-ups kids.
Yeah, my lack of keeping backups is why my Let's Play for Digimon World 3 ended. Suffice to say I lost my save data and has never been willing to put another 50 hours into the game in order to get back to my previous position.
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