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Happy Easter! Major Update: Easter 2.0 (New Definitive Edition)

Happy Easter from Easter!

Carrot here! Given that today is the “Easter-versary” of Easter, I thought it seemed a fitting day for an update—and what an update! I finally got off my lazy ass and whipped up some new content for the game, which I hope will really enhance the experience and perhaps clear up a few things in the story, as well. That’s why I’m calling this new version the “Definitive Edition,” as I think it helps get across my vision for the game a bit better than the original. Though who knows, maybe next Easter, I’ll come up with a “Super Definitive Edition”! But if I do, slap me, because I should be working on the new game I have in (very early) (very procrastinated) development.

At any rate, onto the good stuff. What’s new in this version?

- 1 New Ending: A new “easy” ending. This was supposed to be in the original version of the game, but I had so much on my plate around the launch date that it got skipped over. It’s now back in. It actually makes the “normal” ending a bit harder to get, as you now need to at least do something to proceed.

- 3 New Scenes: Three new secret scenes have been added in the “True Ending” track. These will bring to light some events from the past that were never explicitly explored before, hopefully making things a bit clearer.

- Tweaks/Polish Added to 2 True Endings: The two main endings have been tweaked a bit to make them feel more separate from each other. This was something I wasn’t all that happy with before, so I’m glad for the chance to give them a bit more love.

- New Music Tracks: A few places where I wasn’t happy with the music tracks have been changed to music I feel is more appropriate to the scene and tone.

- Small Immersive Additions: Various small additions have been made throughout the game to increase immersion.

- ALL-NEW CUTSCENE IMAGES!: Probably the biggest part of the new version (at least what took me the most time to finish) are the brand-new cutscene images I’ve drawn for key scenes throughout the game. I hope these will be able to better translate the story and impact where my amateurish pixel animations left a bit to be desired.

- Various Fixes: As always, a few more bugs and textual errors have been addressed, hopefully making this the most bug-free version yet. Emphasis on “hopefully.”

I hope you enjoy the new content for Easter, and thank you to everyone who’s played the game!



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For the new Ending can you put a hint in the Guide as you did with other key things?
For the new Ending can you put a hint in the Guide as you did with other key things?

Sure thing!! It's now the easiest ending to get (though it makes it harder to get the normal ending now). Before, even if you didn't find any clues in the house, you could continue to the normal ending, but now, if you don't find any of the clues, you'll get the easy ending. You have to find at least one clue to get the normal ending now.

I'll update the guide with this!
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