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Nothing in this game was happy like a Easter

To be honest, the title didn’t inspire me, but anyway I decided to give it a chance and… I’m glad I did!
The story is really interesting, maybe a little confused, especially when you see all the endings and you can’t figured out what’s the real one, but maybe I’m the only one that was confused. And that’s another thing that convince me that the game is really good.
I think the characters are very well done, especially Easter and Nester and the entirely atmosphere of the game gives me chills down my back, and not many RPG game can do that to me, trust me. And because it’s a horror game, I want to shake your hand for that.

There aren’t many puzzles, and maybe for some people that’s a shame, but when you ahve to listen to your mate’s steps can give you a very hard time, especially because at some point the music and the other sounds effects are really loud and it’s not very easy understand where the footsteps goes.
Also another thing that I think makes the game looking soo good are the music, the sounds effects and the screaming. Man, some of them are crazy!

If I have something negative to say, it’s that some scene of the “past scenes” are too repetitive, for example Totl and Olie’ memories, but tha’s not a really big deal.

I heard that this is your first game and I want to congratulate because it’s not easy to do such a good game, especially in RPG style and for the first time.

Anyway, I think that the name of the characters are really bizzare, and that’s another thing that makes the game so unique.
Hope to see other games of your!


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Wow, thank you so much for this wonderful and kind review. Thank you for playing my game and I'm really glad that you enjoyed it! :) Ahaha, I enjoy coming up with interesting names for my characters. I feel like it makes them more memorable.

I hope to eventually develop another better game using what I learned from making this first game. You learn quite a lot from going through the whole process and getting feedback from players!
No problem, I'll wait to see your next game! ^^
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