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Geondun is a dungeon crawler set in a variety of areas all accessed through the lovely and incredibly tiny hamlet of Basetown. It features six races, six classes and three faiths to create your party out of--with a four-character party, that's 432 different combinations! You'll be able to begin the story by dealing with a mysterious woman in the Abandoned Catacombs, then fight some special demo bosses in the Dripping Landsink.

The game is on hiatus. While I have been poking it now and again, it was mainly pushed aside due to Karsuman and I's project (the Golden Brassiere). As such, this is a RANDOM and somewhat SCATTERBRAINED demo. Basetown is highly not-done, but the functionality is there for shopping and sleeping. It's pretty bare-bones outside of the dungeon, sorry. :<

Monsters - etolier studio
Tiles/Characters - Mac
Music - satoc
Scripting - Craze, GRS (special shout-out to GRS for making variables work properly!), KGC/MrA/Touchfuzzy, Mithran (thanks for doing several of my requests over the past few months!), momomo, sandgolem, Vixotic, ERZENGEL, Magica (lots of "M"s!), modern_algebra, puppet04, Dargor

Massive party creation manual


The Human spirit lends itself to performing many great feats with enhanced success quite often.
Stats: Humans are pretty neutral. They have no penalties and gain significant boosts in SP and CRI--they can excel in any class by using their special skills more often than others.
Immunities: None.
Racial Skill: Human Will allows a Human to heal their body and purge stat-decreasing effects.

Dwarves are of a sturdy race that can resist great quantities of pain. They also can resist toxins!
Stats: Dwarves are hardy fellows that resist pain with high HP and DEF, but suffer from decreased AGI. This pushes classes like the Paladin to the extreme, but also makes for a decent physical class of any type.
Immunities: Poison effects.
Racial Skill: Constitution heals a Dwarf and increases their DEF for a length of time.

Lithe and trained well, Elf adventurers are fast and can hit opponents more regularly with weapons.
Stats: The main draw of the Elves are that they allow for the highest ACC possible, making them useful for classes like the Blackguard that have low-ACC weapons. While Elves have less HP than most, they gain a slight bonus to a wide array of speed- and skill-related attributes. They can produce the fastest Rogue character!
Immunities: None.
Racial Skill: Elven Mantra lets an Elf encourage an ally to never miss with a normal attack for an entire battle.

Evolved humanoids from the eastern provinces. Kesu are excellent mages that cannot be influenced.
Stats: Focus on the ways of mystic spirit energy usage, Kesu trade ATK for SPI. This makes them great Evokers or Magi, but can also make for an interesting Blackguard or a healer-type Paladin.
Immunities: Effects that relinquish control of the character.
Racial Skill: Energy of Kesu sends forth a great amount of Kesu spiritual power at an enemy--not only does it ignore Guard actions, it has a higher chance to critical than other skills!

Gnomes are short, allowing them to not be attacked as often as others. They are also rather bright.
Stats: Gnomes have an odd assortment of stat boosts: they have a higher EVA than other races plus enhanced HP and AGI. This makes them excellent Orientals, but the way of the Rogue (or really any class!) is also plausible. Gnomes also will not be attacked by enemies as often as any other race.
Immunities: None.
Racial Skill: Intuition, usable outside of battle, is a cheap skill that has a low chance of reviving an ally.

These monsters are highly skewed towards being warriors. Being ugly, enemies will attack Orcs often.
Stats: Orcs have incredible HP, DEF and ATK attributes. To offset this, their SPI and ACC are dreadful. This makes them brawny Blackguards, Paladins or Orientals... although, if you dared, you could try an Orc Magus or Evoker. The opposite of Gnomes, Orcs will take more enemy attacks than any other race.
Immunities: None.
Racial Skill: Horn of Kal'shurk sends an Orc bullrushing into an enemy for massive physical damage--but leaves the user slightly injured.


Masters of death. Blackguards refuse to release the mortal coil, and thus sell themselves to demons.
Role: Tank.
Stats: Physically-oriented, with a high chance of being the target of enemy attacks.
Immunities: Automatic death effects.
Field Ability: Blackguards can command skeletons that block passages to move, allowing access to some incredible treasures.
Example Skill: Crazed Hellflame summons a magical fire that drives an enemy into a terrible rage (while burning away a lot of HP, naturally).

Masters of divine judgement. When a Paladin arrives, undead fall down and allies are reborn.
Role: Tank.
Stats: Enhanced physical attributes with a slight SPI boost, as well as dreadful AGI. Like the Blackguard, they are attractive targets.
Immunities: None.
Field Ability: Paladins can talk to fairies around Geondun that give gifts or heal the party.
Example Skill: Willing Martyr makes the Paladin an incredibly enticing target for enemy attacks; she'll take almost all damage for five turns.

Masters of ancient arts. Resisting paralysis and ignoring enemy evasion, Orientals are deadly.
Role: Damage output.
Stats: Fast and sturdy, an Oriental is a mix of a brawny warrior and an elusive thief.
Immunities: Effects that stop a character from acting.
Field Ability: Orientals can find money lying around Geondun, just ready to be scooped up.
Example Skill: Intensify increases the damage that the Oriental does with critical attacks--and it lasts for the entire battle!

Masters of accuracy and theft. Rogues prowl dungeons looking for treasure and chances to show off.
Role: Damage output.
Stats: Incredible AGI, EVA and CRI. A slight increase in ACC gives Rogue an additional edge.
Immunities: None.
Field Ability: Rogues have a chance of disarming any trap that the party comes across.
Example Skill: Snipe Guard makes a ranged attack that lowers an enemy's DEF.

Masters of Fire and Ice. While offensive wizards, Evokers know more than enough support spells.
Role: Nuker & support.
Stats: While generally balanced, magic is primary.
Immunities: None.
Field Ability: Evokers are in tune with the natural world and can find healing items in grassy patches.
Example Skill: Antipodal Burst evokes the power of both Fire and Ice, sending damaging missles out at random enemies.

Masters of Storm and Energy. Magi strike down foes with arcane gestures and dangerous chants.
Role: Nuker.
Stats: Skewed incredibly towards SPI, with a slight boost in CRI. Magi are targeted less by enemies due to their often terrifying actions.
Immunities: None.
Field Ability: Magi have the ability of arcane sight that allows them to find SP-restoring items strewn about the astral plane.
Example Skill: Storm Focus imbues an ally's weapon with Storm damage and increases that character's resistance to Storm attacks.


The power of Life. Followers of Trodain enjoy increased HP reserves as well as a boost in DEF.

The power of Truth. Followers of Almenga enjoy boosts in ATK, AGI and CRI.

The power of Courage. Followers of Falena enjoy an increase in SPI and a small bonus in EVA.

Latest Blog

Fixed HP Fatal Error

Now it won't crash when you try to open the skill menu of some classes. Yeah. Go follow kentona's advice and play this!
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So I started this game last night - very dark! Very dark indeed. I played the first floor of the catacombs with a Paladin, Blackguard, Rogue and Magus. However, when I was choosing classes and whatnot, I had no inkling what anything did - I was pretty much just guessing blindly at classes.

Now I see that there's a lot of info here in the gamepage, but having something similar in game would be a boon. Also, my Magus has no spells. :\
Quite a good game. I have no idea how you managed to do the classes and all that. Really good graphics, when I looked into the game's database I saw all the cool stuff you'd done. Where'd you get all the cool monster graphics?
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
The monsters are from etolier studio.
I know! Just found 'em on a site. Very nice they are, very nice~! Brilliant game, as well. The bosses are STRONG! That Godstopper beat me loads of times before I beat him up for good!!! Very good game, just like real RPG games on game consoles.
Oh, by the way, can I use the music? Just asking ^_^
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
Yeah, the music is all open license.
hm. I think I will try this out - im mostly new to this "craze game buissness" with the exception of v&v that is.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
Just out of curiousity, where is this music from originally? It is pretty good stuff.
i love the class selection in the opening. that is so cool. that mustve taken forever.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
Like an hour or so? I streamlined it a lot.
I don't suppose there's any chance this game will ever see completion, is there?
i know this game is dead but i can't help but play it.
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