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In HERO, you are the Hero! Create your own Hero, and go on an adventure to rid the world of evil!

In this world, most of those that once were Heroes, have retired. Yet, evil does not rest; Demon Lords continue their onslaught on the world of mortals, endangering the lives of thousands of humans. It is time for new Heroes to rise up to the challenge and defeat the ancient evils that threaten the peoples' existence! Hero Trials, sponsored by veteran Heroes, are held in towns to seek out those who wield the potential to become the new generation of Heroes. This is where your adventure starts!

At the beginning of the game, you get to create your own character. Choose between a male of a female Hero, decide on their name and then pick a base trait that will define your role in battle. As a Hero, you get to bring along a sidekick, also known as Followers. Followers are specialised combat units, being able to cover up any potential weaknesses your Hero character may have. You are free to switch out Followers at designated spots, marked by the crimson banner of the Hero Trials.



It's you! The Hero of the story! Pick from a variety of traits and skills that are offered to you throughout the adventure to build your own character!

Joe / Zoe

It's your childhood rival! Any opportunity they get, they'll use to kick you down. Did their parents never teach them any manners?


A young Dark Witch who solves all her problems through the use of explosions. Her magic packs a powerful punch, but may leave her unable to fight until the next encounter.


A famous bottleslinger, hailing from the Wild West. His fighting style is based on flinging glass bottles and intoxicating enemies by drowning them in booze.


A fire sorceress who claims to be a Goddess, but nobody knows whether or not she speaks the truth. Thinks highly of herself, but rightfully so, as she's actually a competent mage.


The Faerie King has a cheerful and carefree attitude, but don't let that fool you. He and his Faerie friends are highly adept at wielding magic, and are great at supporting their allies.


A rather mean woman who finds pleasure in inflicting pain and suffering upon others. Luckily, she's on your side, especially considering she specialises in the torturing of her enemies...


Granighte is a man of few words. But one thing you must know about him is that he will protect you from harm. Wielding powerful earth and gravity magic, he's equipped well to do just that.


Limida, is what she looks: an ordinary girl. She's merely an apprentice cleric at the church, but has been deemed a failure for not being able to heal allies for more than 1 HP at a time.


A soldier from the distant future, perhaps even another dimension. Chronon is a battle-hardened warrior, equipped with gear that lets him manipulate time itself.

As of now, the game is still in an early state of development, and not yet ready to have a demo open to the public. Any significant game updates will be added here or in the blogs section.

Thank you for reading. :)

Latest Blog

Mapping style

So, when it comes to mapping, one thing I've noticed that seems to be done very rarely is extending the borders of the map beyond what the player can reach. It's interesting, because this is what the old school Pokémon games used to do their overworld mapping, yet it's an idea barely ever adopted into RPG Making mapping. To show an example:

The red-marked parts of those maps are areas that cannot be entered, but are still mapped out to keep the player in the centre of the screen at all times and provide that illusion of the world being bigger than it is (immersion!) I remember this fascinating me when I played those games as kid, because I always wondered what could be in those unreachable places; like, there could be hidden spots with secret items, characters or Pokémon to be found that are just out of sight. For that reason, it has become one of my most favourite mapping techniques, and it saddens me it's so rarely utilised.

So, for this game, one of the goals with outdoor maps is to never reveal the edge of the maps. There should always be things to be seen beyond what you are able to reach. And for some these areas, some of them might seem inaccessible at first, but who knows... there could be the possibility finding a way to get there one way or another and see what's there.
That is something I want to make clear at the start of the game with the town map, that will have plenty of hidden corners around the edges of the map that you can wander to, find treasure in some of those places and look what's beyond the edges of the forest surrounding the town. For me, the edges of the maps are at least as important as that what goes in the middle, and I hope it'll satisfy those who like to explore. To go with this idea, you can expect to see relatively large maps, only being divided when it transitions into another type of area, or if there's really no other option.

(note: maps are still under construction, lol.)


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Seems very interesting, will be looking forward to it.
Seems very interesting, will be looking forward to it.

Thanks. :D It'll be quite some time until I'll get a demo up, since I don't want to rush anything - and once the demo does go up, for it to be in a good state, but I'll be putting out some blog entries to record progress made and go over the various design choices I chose to go with for this game.
Hm.... concept sounds interesting. Subbed.

But I can see balancing issues cropping up if you want to make access to to many classes. Like magic users beeing underpowered or their MP running out to fast at than they have no chance to beat mobs (well that's were the side kick does his job... hopefully) Or warriors beeing OP (dealing to much damage while tanking to much), healers beeing stuck without any damaging moves or simply dealing as much as a mage with their one or two damage moves.... stuff like that. I do look forward to it though as I said it sounds interesting.... normally the mentor type sacrifices himself or stuff like that. Now we get a whole crew of mentors that are potentially useful it seems.
Hm.... concept sounds interesting. Subbed.
The combat system will be largely based on my previous game, RTP, but taking it up a notch with more skills per character and more unique combat mechanics for each character.

For balancing the MC, all the skill choices offer 1 skill of each role (attacking, defending, healing HP, reloading MP), and it's not really encouraged to basically go all-in on 1 role, because you'd just end up with skills that all sort of achieve the same thing but in different ways (like, you don't really need 4 defend skills on your guy, but you might pick up just 1 or 2 for use in dire situations).
Then, there are also skills that while set in 1 role can still provide part of another role, like every role gets to have access to some sort of a self-heal (then the healer version of that skill offers a party-wide heal instead). Though honestly, the goal really is to make any kind of build viable to play in some way or another. Not sure if I'll manage to achieve that, but I suppose time, and lots of playtesting will tell...

I'd say you might want to build your MC around the type of sidekick you want to bring. You want to bring a sidekick that can deal lots of damage? You build your MC to reload their MP efficiently so they can keep on blowing up enemies. Or, if you bring a healer, you might want to go for some defensive abilities so you can turtle your way through encounters (don't worry, healers and defenders still get their own ways of taking down enemies).
Later on, you get to bring a 2nd sidekick, that's where you can really go into a lot of different directions with how you want your team to function.
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
Holy cow, this looks awesome! Very interesting cast of followers, I dig this hard. Subscribed. :)
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