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In honor of the old Gruijters House’s retirement as a shamefully discredited horror shack, high school juniors Songjae, Morris and Chloe decide to go on one last “Halloween Special Tour” as the honorary final visitors, expecting nothing but an overwhelming gush of nostalgia and a certain someone bursting into tears like a pansy (it’s Morris, by the way). After all, it was where their friendship began and flourished.

However, it turned out that the Gruijters family who were rumored to have been murdered in their sleep only ten years ago (except for the unmarried Aunt Edna who choked on a turkey leg and died way before—she’s not part of the story, by the way) didn’t appreciate loud visitors at midnight. Who knew that the “end” of their tour was actually the beginning of the “real” tour?
So, how are three sweaty, generally misguided and highly unprepared teenagers going to respond when they find out that a haunted house that was debunked and proven to be nothing but a huge waste of money was actually being littered by a family of very intense(and frustrated, in every way possible) ghosts?

That was a rhetorical question. They all screamed. Probably peed their pants a little as well.

The real question is… how do they manage to escape the house?
Well, that’s up to you. In this highly-complex, story-oriented game overflowing with elaborate puzzles and intricate riddles, you’re expected to sit down with a piece of paper and think. You might get overwhelmed by the genius that lies behind this game and its plot, so this isn’t for those who are fain-thearted and/or weak minded.

That was a joke. You can actually complete this in an hour (less if you just follow one route, more if you follow all the routes).
Oh, before I forget: the ghosts may be complete a-holes, but they aren’t evil. No gore here, chief.


Well, well, well, it’s time to present the features of this game:

- Lots of story, lots of talking
- There will be no over-the-top puzzles in this game such as code-guessing or boulder-pushing; just key-hunting and arguing with a frustrated middle-aged ghost
- You get a bunch of different endings. You live in all of them, but certain endings are always happier than others.
- The characters are pretty fun, I guess?

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