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'Moreau' is a beat-em-up based on the classic novel "The Island of Doctor Moreau" by H.G. Wells (public domain).

When our unnamed protagonist is shipwrecked and washes up on a remote island, they counts themselves lucky, until the island's secrets begin to reveal themselves. Released from shackles by one of the island's denizens, the protagonist then has no choice but to fight their way to freedom, and to the truth, or suffer the fate of a test subject for the inhuman experiments of a madman.

This release provides one full stage as a demo. Please provide feedback to help us improve on what's here so far, as we intend to develop it into a full game for commercial release.

Make sure you try out the player transformation by using two powerup pickups! Instructions in-game.

All visual assets and music are original, made specifically for the 3rd CFN Game Jam within its 10-day timeframe, except for SFX, which come from the RPG Maker MV stock library.

All code is original, except for the following plugins, all authored by Galv...
· Diagonal Movement
· Disable Mouse
· Image Cache
· Layer Graphics
· Roll Credits
...and Mr. Trivel's Simple Save Load Menu 'plugin'.

Font: Slackey

The Team:
· Game Design, Development, Art & Music by Pinebox Games
· Character Design by Janina Joves
· Game Design by Bekki Broughton

· 2 enemies, an NPC and a player transformation all based on the Chinese zodiac
· Special moves
· Original vector-style graphics
· Original music
· Animated intro cutscene

Full Version Features:
· 5 stages
· Choice of male or female protagonist
· 2 player transformations per protagonist
· Unlockable "Hard Mode"
· Lots more enemies, with lots more variety, based on the animals of the Chinese zodiac
· Boss fights
· Lots more original music
· A complete story - We've got our adaptation of H.G. Wells' original all planned out!
· Android version

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Did you need a break from Kung-Fu or was there any other reason you started working on a second (commercial) project?
This was a game jam project that turned out nicely enough to develop into a finished product. Also, I have a collaborator on this with ambitions of getting into full-time gamedev, who wants a commercial release in her portfolio.

Still working on Future Ghost, and learnt a few tricks I can use for it as I was making this and MetaMyth, both game jam entries.
Hello, Fancy seeing you here :P I found this site from a friend. So Should I wait to review this game?
So Should I wait to review this game?

Hey Moon!

Well, I'll be releasing a free version where you can play all the way through on Normal difficulty with the male player character, so maybe wait for that?
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