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FPS/Maze originally created for testing out some new stuff for the engine, I fixed it up a
little and added an ending. Find your way through a humungous maze while dodging
bullets and laser fire, running from robots, and desperately searching for ammunition.

For you people who have older computers, I would suggest that you check the
minimum requirements page before downloading.

This first person shooter is quite hard, but I assure you that it is possible to beat.
See how fast you can beat it, and maybe replay it to do a speed run, find and
kill all the enemies, or if you're filling really suicidal, without killing anybody.
Now go get lost!

Important Note: Since this wasn't created to be a large multi-level FPS with an
actual storyline, there is no tutorial. See the in game options and customize the
controls to your liking, and just in case you can't figure it the 1-8 keys and the
mouse wheel are used to change weapons.

Latest Blog

First Person To Beat The Game On Hard Wins One Million Pennies!

Okay, not really. Like American money is worth much these days anyway. 'Holy Crap This Is Impossible' difficulty is pretty near impossible, so it is unlikely you could actually win the money anyway.

I really would like to hear if any of the people who downloaded this game from here have actually managed to beat it though. So seriously, leave a comment if you manage(d) to beat it.

Total Number of Escapes: 64

List of escapees from RMN:

  • Completed
  • GameOverGames Productions
  • Custom
  • Shooter
  • 03/20/2009 01:42 AM
  • 04/03/2023 02:25 PM
  • 03/20/2009
  • 31860
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Hurry up on uploading this I wanna play it. ;_;
Rather Late Reply: I was building up dramatic suspense.
This game is ridiculously hard when it first begins. Some enemies are absolutely unforgiving (machine gun mech where you can't even see the bullets, that terminator-looking dude that feels like death in one hit). Using the pea-shooter that you start with to try and take down one of those turrets is suicide, and finding a better weapon is complete luck. Some sadistic part of me had a great time dying until I found enough ammo, armor, and health to make it around the next corridor.

The game gets a whole lot easier as bigger and better weapons show up. I'm sure I missed a bunch, because I never had a need for half of the ammo types I came across, but I found just enough to get me by. The #4 gun with the bigger bullets was a life-saver, actually allowing me to shoot down some enemies before they had a chance to retaliate. From there, I jumped straight to the #8 BFG, on the Budweiser box no less, that was basically a game-ender. With it's heavy firepower and plentiful clip, I mowed down every enemy from that point on with ease.

The unconventional difficulty shift (from REALLY hard to pretty easy) was actually enjoyable. I sort of like the survivalist aspect at the outset, and then simply railing on enemies at the end. Overall, good simple 3D doom-esque shooter, a well spent hour IMO.
Glad to see you enjoyed it. It helps a lot early on if you explore so you can find stronger weapons, and the heavy turrets that are on the floor have a narrow vision cone, so some of them can be passed by walking along the wall, but yeah, except for the hard mode the game's difficulty shifts a lot.
This theme really really hurts my eyes. I feel like I'm taking an eye exam.
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