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Soldaria. A country which has been constantly at war with their neighbour to the north, at least this is what their government has kept telling the citizens. Sophie, the local conspiracy theorist, thinks otherwise, and has her suspicions on this confirmed when coming across a document in the government archives.

With two government employees she enlists, a friend of hers, two innocents who were imprisoned by the Soldarian Government, and an amateur thief, they set out on a mission which will see them racing against time to prevent a super weapon from being used against an innocent nation.


- Every character has a limit break, when their HP become critical. These include

  • 0 MP cost ability (The MP gets fully restored each turn)

  • Multiple physical attacks

  • 100% accuracy on abilities

  • Multi-target spells

  • Near Perfect Steal Success Rate

- Craft ammo from items dropped by enemies

- Soundtrack is mostly comprised of tracks by Eric Matyas (soundimage.org)

- All enemies can be stolen from.



An ex-government employee, roped in by Sophie and James to help them find a record in the goverment archives. After being caught, Sophie and James inadvertently get him fired.

Note: Despite being the controllable character in the game, Vincent isn't the main character in this game. This role is shared between Sophie and Heather.


A woman who want to get her hands on a record in the government archives. Seeing this confirms her suspicions on the government's actions, and she wants to see a change in the way Soldaria is run.

Sophie is one of the two main characters in the game.


A friend of Sophie's and it seems that he shares her ideas. He's a fine warrior and he's been approached by the head of the Soldarian military in the past. However, he spurned their offers.


A man who's been tortured in the Soldarian Justice Department. He may appear unimpressive, but he's talented with gadgets, and knows his way around electronics.
He was separated from his girlfriend after they were caught by the Soldarian Government, after being caught having suspicions like Sophie.


After the interference of a mad scientist, she awoke having possession of magical powers. These new-found powers have also affected her temperament as well. She's determined to settle the score with the man who did this to her.

Heather is the other main character in the game, alongside Sophie.


A chemist from the Soldarian Medical Centre. His knowledge of healing, and always having his medical kit on him, makes him the equivalent of a White Mage in the party.


An amateur thief the group have an encounter with in Sagarisk. She makes the mistake of taking an item belonging to Sophie. Sophie gets her to join the team by effectively threatening to turn her over to the local authorities if she doesn't help them.

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Just a note. If you travel past the mountains, east of Canaburg, you won't encounter any monsters. I haven't developed that area yet.
I played the demo based on the simple and straight-forward premise. I took ALOT of notes and wrote down some more in-depth suggestions if you're interested (via pm) but I'll give some general feedback right here;

Right now, alot of the demo feels like kind of a rough draft. The plot definitely has potential, but the dialogue while fine lacks alot of weight to them. It's either too on-the-nose or not really engaging enough. There are some odd exchanges here and there and while this is only a demo and some development might happen later on, the only characters that really stands out are Sophie and Heather. It almost seems like Sophie is the actual main character while Vincent rarely speaks at all and his motivation to get involved seems non-existant.

I also feel like the oppressive government/nineteen eighty-four premise is completely isolated to Canaburg. A lot of the npcs here had some pretty good dialogue but once you leave the city, everything even the so-called war is completely forgotten. Like, isn't Soldaria at war with Senecia and if so, why are any ordinary citizen allowed to just travel there without any questions asked?

Most of the maps are pretty well laid out but are possibly a bit too big - this could probably be solved with a lot more details - at least in the outdoor maps and cave/crater. Canaburg feels especially empty and could use some more winding back alleys among other things.

I appreciate the custom sprites but they do need some more work; some more defined edges and better shading could go a long way.

Lastly, the balancing needs a little bit of tweaking. While having very basic enemies in the beginning works just fine, the attacks on enemies from the caves and onwards might need some variety. There was this one enemy in the crater that stole mp, silenced the entire party and was also immune to physical attacks. Very annoying, but could definitely work and create some interesting choices from the player if they had one of these abilities (say, drain for instance) and maybe appeared with other enemies (who used the silence). As it is now, most enemies just hit for a reasonable amount of damage which might need some switching up (like inflicting status effects, buffing their allies etc.)

I also encountered a couple of bugs/issues:
sophie has a random walk animation in the beginning when head over to the shelter. looks odd.

when you first get the journal, it doesn't do anything. only from entry #2 and onward it works

if you enter the elevator and leave without activating it, it'll still take you to the floor you last used it to get to.

the passability of all the tables/desks in the capitol are walkable?

tania is superbugged! if you're not facing right when talking to her, she dissapears without any trace and the game is unwinnable.

also, the "rich people" who got their gold stolen by tania seem to talk more about growing crops than their lost money. in fact, they care so little that you have to approach the woman from the top to activate this part of the quest.

All in all, i like the premise but it's a bit rough around the edges and with a bit of work could turn into something pretty good. As i said, PM me up if you want some more detailed feedback and ideas!
Thanks for the post.

I've been working on the game ever since I put the demo up and it's pretty much completed.

I know that Sophie and Heather become the main characters of the party quite early on. I might change the initial description and indicate that Sophie is the leader and Vincent accidentally gets involved. He really had no where else to go after they got caught.

With the wraith enemy you encountered in the crater, he now drops an item which teaches Vincent a spell which absorbs HP and MP. I might lower down the chance of it using the silence status or something. I still want it to be annoying but not too annoying. I've also changed how Vincent learns Blue Magic by borrowing the method from Final Fantasy VIII of how Quistis learns it from items. I was having issues with trying to learn a skill from the flying bulls outside of Sagarisk and the status condition never connected. He initially learned skills by being inflicted with a status condition, connected with each skill. After detecting him being afflicted with it, he'd then learn the skill.

As for dialogue. I'm sorry, but dialogue is not my strength, this is pretty much the best I can do for the random people in the towns and cities. Hopefully Adelburg, the capital of Senecia, might come across a bit better. Compared to this game, my previous project was much easier to type dialogue for, as the dialogue in the main plot was almost entirely pre-written.

I've also changed most enemies attack patterns so they are mostly all marked at 50. This makes battles much more random with what the enemy will use.

As for the bugs.

I don't know what's up with the journal, as it is set to entry #1 right after the scene where you get it, I'll be playing through the game again soon so I'll see if
it's still messed up or not.

I think I've fixed Tania, as I saw that the directions were a bit mixed up. Also, after you've returned the stolen gold, it is now removed from your inventory.

I've made the elevator so a choice has to be made. You can't cancel out.

I'll see if I can change the "rich people" dialogue a bit. If I can come up with something better, I will.

And thanks for pointing out about being able to walk through every table in Canaburg. I didn't noticed until now that I hadn't X'd it.

The update which I just put up fixes a couple of things.

These are

1. An addition to the credits file.
2. Fixed an event when entering the government building in Canaburg. You now won't be able to progress in to the plaza if you haven't been to see James and if you don't have Vincent's ID card.
I had a play through of the game yesterday. I've made the following changes and have released it as 1.2

  • The door in the government building in Canaburg is now visible at the beginning of the game. It used to be invisible until the event before they entered had occurred

  • The Senecian Space Centre can't be entered until the right time. It had the potential to jump over a significant part of the game.

  • A couple of typos in the dialogue

  • Saving has been fixed in the two optional dungeons. Game can only be saved at savepoints

  • Marathon boots have had their animation corrected. It now shows the haste image.

  • There are now two ways to get dark armour.

  • Breath of Life and Full Stimulant items have different effects. Breath of Life restores HP (50%), and revives all allies. Full Stimulant fully revives an ally

  • The optional boss,
    The Hydragon at the bottom of the Secret Dungeon
    , is no longer vulnerable to Gravity attacks. This made it far too easy to defeat.
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