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Soldaria. A country which has been constantly at war with their neighbour to the north, at least this is what their government keeps telling the citizens. Sophie, the local conspiracy theorist, thinks otherwise, and has her suspicions confirmed when coming across a document in the government archives.

Along with her friend who shares her views, two government employees, two truth seekers, and an amateur thief, they set out on a mission which will see them racing against time to stop a super weapon from being used against an innocent nation, as well as exposing a government which has been lying to its people for years.

Demo length: About 3 - 4 hours (This is including time grinding for money to buy weapons and armour)

I plan for the game to be completed in about a year. Or less.


- Every character has a limit break, when their HP become critical. These include

  • 0 MP cost ability (The MP gets fully restored each turn)

  • Multiple physical attacks

  • 100% accuracy on abilities

  • Multi-target spells

  • Near Perfect Steal Success Rate

- A few items dropped by monsters will be able to be crafted in to ammo (Not implemented in Demo)

- Soundtrack is mostly comprised of tracks by Eric Matyas (soundimage.org)

- All enemies can be stolen from.

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Just a note. If you travel past the mountains, east of Canaburg, you won't encounter any monsters. I haven't developed that area yet.
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