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In Bots RPG, you are a child named Mia who has a best friend, Justin. After an apocalypse of robots taking over the world and becoming sentient, Mia & Justin the last surviving humans on earth. But after Justin goes missing, Mia goes out to find him. Most robots out there are out there to get Mia and turn her in to the leader named ROBO-COM, but others don't really care at all.


Most of the gameplay in this game will be comprised of exploring and fighting enemies with a huge emphasis on attacks. Most attacks are timed attacks which makes the turned-based combat more fun.

The soundtrack to this game is being continuously updated throughout and can be listened to here: https://soundcloud.com/froggy-dj/sets/bots-official-soundtrack

Latest Blog

New intro cutscene and announcement

I just finished up a new intro cutscene

And that's not the only thing I got done.
An update will be coming soon with a whole lot of changes
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  • 05/08/2018 12:06 AM
  • 04/04/2019 01:32 PM
  • 03/21/2020
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First! Subbed and downloaded.

that was the april fools demo lol
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