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For who might be interested, I'll write a bit about the lore of the world in which the story takes place.

A note before the actual idea: To be honest I haven't really developped a world for this story. I'm in the process of making one, but at the moment it's being used in another game that right now it's in a hiatus.
So, anyways, I had an idea for the creation of a new world, and as the story of Krazah came to mind, I decided to mix both (or rather, to put the story inside this new world)

So, speaking of the idea itself, It's probably nothing new, but it's how I see things in this world I'd like to create.

The creator of everything would be a thing(no gender known) called Chaos. Chaos, or luck if you'd like to see it that way. It's the thing that created everything.
"Everything" being, for now, the parents of each world.
So Chaos produces entities, the entities join (like a couple would) and have a "child". This "child" is a world.
Now, there's worlds like the earth we live on, and worlds that look like what we call heaven, or hell. It depends on the qualities of the entities that have the "child".
It's up to those entities, by the way, to decide what happens to the inhabitants of the worlds they create. So when someone dies in the physical world, it doesn't mean they're lost forever.
No spoilers here, some characters in the game mention the Nothingness. That's actually the "death" we're used to. Nothingness is truly nothing. It's void. No one returns from there, and no one can contact someone who's there. On the other hand, one might and can possibly contact someone in another realm (say two entities have two children-worlds-, maybe the inhabitans of one of the worlds goes to the other (possibly a world with more traits of one of the parents than the other which might be more "balanced") when they die.

From the nothingness Chaos gathers his energy, in a sort of way, and from that it creates more entities that, along the way, create worlds.

Most inhabitants do not know all of this, and this is key for some stories. For now I'm telling you the things that are, not what people or creatures know or think. But I'll get into that shortly.

Let's put an example: Tragedia is the world where the events take place in this game. For now I think of Tragedia as a place very similar to earth, regarding races, fauna, climates, etc, etc. But Dessos and Materia had another child, which is basically our idea of a "heaven", because the world is filled with Materia's personality or essence, which is benevolent, and people who end up there live peacefully.
Most parent-entities decide together what fate awaits to the ones who die. But in the case of Dessos and Materia, where rape takes place, they do not get along, as expected, and some (the "good" people) are saved and taken to the other world, called Securas, where they live in peace, and others are either kept on Tragedia to harass the living (Dessos keeps it that way) or are thrown to the Nothingness (either because Dessos punishes the gooddoers or Materia punishes the evildoers).
Dessos has barely any power in Securas, since it's basically under Materia's "control", and in Tragedia they're always fighting each other to gain control over it.

Inhabitants (as I call anyone who lives in a child-world) might travel to other worlds that are also a result of the same parents, but it is possible to go to worlds created by other entities, despite it being really rare.

As a parallelism, Magic is like a tool, a hammer, a screwdriver, etc. It's just a tool to achieve things, an element like many others of the universe. The true power controls life itself, the energy that fills the spaces between life and death, and the energy that composes the universe itself. So magic is strong, but someone that can disintegrate you just by thinking about it is, unexpectedly, stronger.

Krazah uses this power, as does Shadow. Krazah is able to do this for reasons I'm not going to explain now, but Shadow was a woman who had no knowledge of magic, but her will for revenge and the will of Victa to help her made it possible for her to channel some sort of power, which ends up being Universe pulse and Essence claim, two attacks that focus on the thing itself, living or dead, and distorts their very essence to harm them. Maybe this power can also be used to create life, or heal. But for now it's just used to obliterate the existence of a thing, whatever it is.

Now to what people know: most humans cultures(other races may or may not have other beliefs, and of course some humans have different beliefs among themselves) have received texts where the story of Victa and Dessos takes places (I'm tempted to say both of them let their existence be known, as it's not an uncommon behaviour for someone to claim authorship of their work. There may be entities who prefer to let the inhabitants of their worlds believe whatever they wish, but in this case, I think, both Victa and Dessos wished to be worshipped). So, the inhabitants, they do know the real story of how they came to exist. Of course there's different nuances when different people tell the story but most of them know that the existence of their world is something unique, and that their Gods ("parents") are Dessos and Victa. (Most other worlds come from a voluntary relationship, although there's some cases like the one of Tragedia).

Most humans do not know or don't accept that Chaos reigns their life. That there's a hammer that bends them even against their will. That something puts them down when they're achieving their dream, or that makes an evil woman or man rich when they don't seem to deserve it. Chaos is the parent of all entities, and everything else in any world or reality.
Some don't know about Chaos because they haven't read/heard about it and the idea hasn't come to their mind, others have, but as a lot of people do, the ones that believe in Dessos and Victa being allmighty and stuff, they prefer to keep it that way/simply refuse to believe something else. They won't accept that luck is actually a parent rather than something resulting from their godly creators will.
So it's not a matter of ignorance or stupidity (well, it might be in some cases). It's closer to faith and other human traits such as pride or attitudes like negating a fact. Even laziness. Some prefer to believe what they've believed throughout all their lives instead of changing their mind.
On the other hand...
The "Enlightened" ones know and accept the existence of Chaos. Those who do

(spoiler, probably)

Krazah is one of them

Gain access to not only a better life, supposedly, but some of them to power. And the luckiest ones of them all, the legend says, are called by Chaos itself to help him, well, bring more Chaos into the worlds, into the balance of things.
Selfish individuals, powerful individuals, Paladins, Mediocre persons, they're all welcomed if they seem interesting to Chaos to convey its will to the universe.
It keeps balance or unbalance as it sees fit.

Well, this is all for now, I might change or add things. But this was the core idea of the unverse/planes/ worlds where the story takes place.
I surely forgot about stuff because I usually sit down and spit out unorganized ideas, so I'll probably re-read and edit this a lot.
See you.