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In the small village of Brunsin, the Reaping Festival approaches. Every year, the villagers gather to harvest their crops and celebrate the end of a long and arduous growing season.

However, this year will be different.

A few weeks before the Reaping, a pack of bandits descend on the village, intent on exacting a terrible toll. With the town under-protected and the King's army too far away, the villagers must band together and defend their town before the brigands harvest a different crop: the lives of the townsfolk.

Harvest features turn-based tactical combat (similar to Final Fantasy Tactics), as well as simulation and visual novel/adventure game mechanics. In the role of Heinrich, a retired solider tasked with the town's defense, players must recruit units by convincing their fellow villagers to take up arms, while fending off monsters and advance parties of bandits, and also planning and building to ensure the village's survival.

With a tight time limit and the looming possibility of perma-death, players are forced to prioritize and plan intelligently, never knowing what the next threat might be.

Made in 3 weeks for the Seasons of RMN event.

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