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''Everything happened so fast.''
''No, that can't be true sir.''
''We know this is hard for you to digest, Miss Ainsley, but it's the truth. Your parents have passed, and their mansion now belongs to you.''
''It was impossible. First of all, my parents did not own a mansion. And secondly, and more terrifiyingly... My parents died years ago. I did not care about owning a mansion. I was more than happy enough, staying with you in our small apartment. What would I even do in such a large place? However, I had to go there. If my parents had really only died just recently as that man claimed... That meant something fishy was going on, and I had to find out what it was.''

Bleakthorne Manor tells the story of Silvia Ainsley, a woman who inherits her parents' manor after their deaths, though she had no idea they owned a mansion and thought they died a long time ago. Silvia makes her way to the almost strangely gigantic manor in the harsh, snowy climate of the area in an attempt to figure out the truth behind the bizarre case, but she realizes that what she has in her hands may be much, much larger than she originally thought when she begins to come across pools of blood, strange phenomena and even several monsters.

Bleakthorne Manor is a horror game made for the seasons of RMN event, taking inspiration from the likes of Amnesia the Dark Descent, SCP Containment Breach and Annihilation.

-Multiple endings.
-Non linear gameplay. Most keys can be used for any door of their respective type, allowing you to choose your own path to the goal.
-An anomaly encoylopedia. Roam around the mansion and try to discover all strange events and creatures.
-Plenty of exploration. The mansion is very large, not to mention you can check cabinets, shelves and drawers for goods that might become useful to you.

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Whoah. Taking inspiration from Amnesia, SCP, and Annihilation?

That is a promising blend.
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