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Hello, how are you? My name is Pandora and I will be your new personal assistant. I can perform simple tasks like doing a search on the internet, open your profile on social networks and even look for specific things like videos on Youtube. But do not worry, I will not access any personal data. I will not have access to your passwords or any registration you keep on your computer. In the future I will be able to do much more and with better precision. Until then, come and meet me and we will grow together!

Pandora is a project created for studies. I started recently to train my skills in programming, pixel art and development in general. It also seemed like a good opportunity to show people who doubt the potential of RPG Maker that you can, yes, create almost anything with the program.

At this time, Pandora is able to perform searches on Google, Facebook and Youtube by sending commands to your default browser. It is also able to recognize you automatically after your first visit so you do not have to register (a.k.a save / load the game) every time you start it. Pandora also has a calendar and will remember your birthday.

One thing that should be clear is: Pandora offers no risk to the user's machine or the information contained therein. It does not receive or send information outside the browser, and in this, it does the same as the user would do: accessing a link with the search information and / or the page.

At this early stage, the Pandora interface is totally utilitarian. The commands and information are shown by the default RPG Maker message system. In future versions, Pandora will have its own (inter)face. However, for the curious on duty, here are images of the current state:

Outdated video.

For those who still do not understand: Pandora is not a game. It is software developed with RPG Maker VX Ace. Initially, it is not what can be called efficient. She does not do anything you can not do faster, but let's face it, it's a lot more fun the way she does. There is no forecast for the final release, however, because it is a program that works differently on different machines, interested in doing tests will always be welcome. If you would like to test - in the future - just manifest yourself in this topic. As soon as Pandora combs her hair and finds a beautiful outfit, we will get in touch with you.

Latest Blog

First Release!

First demo released. They are only 2MB and do not require RTP installed. For the demonstration to work perfectly, please enter this key into the project folder.

What is the key for?
First, I apologize for the inconvenience. The only function of this key is to inform me how many downloads will be made by this page without my having to visit it. That way I can upload just one demo and distribute keys in the different forums / sites where the project is released. I can always update the same folder and still have accurate information about how many downloads were made in which forum.
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  • 05/16/2018 02:39 PM
  • 06/02/2018 12:11 AM
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Hey, just FYI, I got a "Font Not Found" error for VL Gothic when I tried to start the game. I looked in the fonts folder and only Impact, which I already had installed, was there. I googled VL Gothic and downloaded it so hopefully the game will run smoothly now.

Edit: The key thing is kind of a hastle, especially after the foregoing. Ordinarily I avoid sites like mediafire like the plague whenever possible because well...they bear plagues. I'd consider dropping it in favor of the player's convenience over yours. Just one humble opinion.
Hey, just FYI, I got a "Font Not Found" error for VL Gothic

Thanks for reporting, I was not aware of this error about the font. It has been corrected. About the key, really. I've already found a better way to organize demos, so future versions will not have this limitation.
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