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Submission to seasons of RMN

The mushroom kingdom is in midst of winter, but suddenly the Mario bros have went missing! Peach calls in her special guy, the one that can withstand the cold and find and rescue the Mario bros before they freeze to death! .... A penguin...


5 quality Levels with tons of hidden goodies and secrets.

5 Star Medals hidden in each level.

Secret routes that can let you beat the game quicker if you know them.

Why only 5 levels? Because the event deadline is June 1st, and if I decide to make more levels I know I won't get it done.

To play
Extract the game folder into the world's folder inside the SMBX folder you should be ready to play!

Latest Blog

Finished and ready to play!

Took me a week but the game is finally up and playable! I was certainly shocked to see this game get development spotlighted, that gave me a boost in confidence to finish it. But I must warn it probably won't live up to having the honor of being spotlighted on the main page.

Any and all bugs or glitches feel free to shoot my way and I will fix them asap, despite being a short game I still want to support it with as many bug fixes as possible to make sure I can stay committed to something even when its finished.

With that being said enjoy!

EDIT- V1.1 is now the main download, the last download didn't had a bonus room you couldn't access, it has been fixed.