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2020 update posted.


I finally posted the update, made some minor tweaks, fixed some issues, game should be bug and issue free.

That being said 2020 is my year lol, after a shitty 2019, 2020 is my year to finally get back into the swing of things, Super Penguin Guy 2 is coming eventually maybe this year!

Assuming the world isn't destroyed before the year ends.


More updates to come lol

Upon replaying this game yet again I still find more and more issues with it lol. Holy hell how many issues I still find. I'm gonna fix them asap with a new update soon!

Also I figured I would announce Super Penguin Guy 2! Game page should be up soon for it.


V1.2 is the new main download

The update I was supposed to add a week ago has finally been added I fixed all known issues I have found, I didn't add any new levels because I felt they were unnecessary.

So with that being said this is the final update for the game. (unless I still missed something that makes it unplayable) Feel free to review it whether you hated it or not! Any and all Feedback is always appreciated.


New update coming soon.

Upon replaying this game I have ran into some awkaward things in need of fixing and improving. This little update is what I like to call the “mini expansion”
It will take care of all bugs and errors iv found as well as adding in a couple new levels. I’m hoping to get this done by at least Wednesday next week.

Once this update rolls out I’ll start work on my new project.


Finished and ready to play!

Took me a week but the game is finally up and playable! I was certainly shocked to see this game get development spotlighted, that gave me a boost in confidence to finish it. But I must warn it probably won't live up to having the honor of being spotlighted on the main page.

Any and all bugs or glitches feel free to shoot my way and I will fix them asap, despite being a short game I still want to support it with as many bug fixes as possible to make sure I can stay committed to something even when its finished.

With that being said enjoy!

EDIT- V1.1 is now the main download, the last download didn't had a bonus room you couldn't access, it has been fixed.


Game is almost done....Finally.

Here in the next few days this game will finally be up and playable despite the seasons of rmn event being long over with. But considering there is a new review jam up, this short little game might be of use to some people so they can play it, beat it in a couple minutes and do a quick review.

The next few days are going to be used to make sure the game is playable and nothing is buggy. So the whole none of you that cares, its almost done. :D
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